Get a better handle on change orders with a connected process that
improves visibility at every step.

Identify important
changes and highlight
areas of interest by
comparing drawings with previous versions.

You can now see an instant comparison of current drawings versus earlier versions. You’ll quickly visualize changes and be able to react accordingly.

Leverage mobile functionality so you
can react quickly to problems identified in the field.

Our solution allows you to create requests for information directly from the mobile app and create a new issue at the same time.

Efficiently price
change orders so you
reduce duplicate work
and eliminate risk.

Along with existing cost items, you can now create new cost items to your issues. You can also use existing resources to build your new cost items with additional detail.

Easily associate vendors to project changes for more efficient contract administration.

For vendor-specific items in your change order, you can now automate the creation of vendor change orders after prime change order completion.


InEight Document

  • Create issues linked to mobile drawings
  • Initiate forms tied to change orders

InEight Change

  • Price issues using existing cost items and resources
  • Automatically create vendor change orders from issues
  • Push key documents back to InEight Document

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