Leverage actionable insights and best practices across projects to elevate team
and project performance.

Improve consistency
and standardization,
which makes your organization more efficient.

The InEight integrated project controls platform now helps you create benchmark-validated estimates and schedules — from high-level to highly detailed — using templates, resources, and cost and assembly libraries.

Achieve more
accurate estimates and greater confidence
in your bids.

Our solution proactively looks for as-estimated and as-built data points from historical projects to show you how the current estimate aligns with that history. Never again will you have to worry about information such as old cost reports being scattered about and difficult to locate.

Gain an automated
‘trusted assistant’ that continuously checks
your work against
historical norms.

The benchmarking tool now shows you high- and low-average graphs from your project history. It also color-codes each line item in your current estimate based on plus/minus ranges, compared to the historical averages for cost and productivity. The more “green” items you have, the more confidence you have there’s history to back up the estimated value.

Easily create top-down estimates based on
historic costs and
validate bottom-up estimates with actual
crew productivity rates.

As you build your top-down plan during the pre-planning phase, InEight Schedule provides organizational or industry benchmarks for what your durations and costs should be. It also shows you the consensus of these benchmarks, including historical performance data from your previously completed projects.


InEight Estimate

  • Validate estimates against past projects by using historical data and analyzing high, low and average unit costs and productivity

InEight Schedule

  • Compare contractor-submitted schedules to each other and validate against the history represented in your knowledge library
  • Use history as the basis of new plans
  • Leverage past projects and standards as the basis of project schedules

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