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Category - Project Planning, Scheduling and Risk

The next-generation construction project management tool, InEight Schedule uses artificial intelligence to assist and guide users through the project planning process. InEight Schedule construction planning software can capture insights and learnings from prior projects and use the stored knowledge to make informed suggestions during the planning process. InEight Schedule also allows project team members to give their expert opinion through a very simple-to-use scorecard.

With InEight Schedule, planners can spend up to 40 percent less time building plans and reduce the amount of time used in gathering team member feedback by up to 75 percent. The tool provides a balanced combination of artificial, human and risk intelligence to deliver a plan calibrated by historical knowledge, productivity rates and standards, and validated by experts in the field.

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Foreman at a Contractor

My CPM schedule doesn’t consider the current state of the construction project. I need an integrated short-term plan that considers how we execute work on the job.

Lead Planner at a Contractor

I feel like I’m starting from scratch on every new plan. There must be a way to leverage history, existing standards and benchmarking.

Lead Planner at a Contractor

Other planners and domain experts have a tremendous amount of value they can add to the plan, but I have no easy way of capturing and incorporating their input.

Lead Planner at a Contractor

Is my plan achievable? I’d really like a more systematic way of measuring the likelihood of my plan’s success.


Leverage AI-based planning to review an existing plan or to build a new plan from scratch. Throughout the planning process, InEight Schedule project management software continually provides suggestions for durations, costs and common risks based on the scope of your project. Waypoint markers visually indicate how aligned your plan is with relevant details from a Knowledge Library that contains historical information on your projects. In addition, a checklist provides a quick and easy means of seeing which line items are in/out of alignment.


Capture feedback on your plan from experts in the field through a simple markup process. The team provides their feedback in a simple scorecard view and by interacting with the plan timeline. Team members can add project register items in their feedback including risks, ideas, opportunities, issues, and change requests. Each team member’s feedback is captured in their own personal plan redline. As the lead planner, you control when and how the feedback from your team is incorporated into the plan.


Collect team feedback and incorporate team member expertise (or not) while visualizing the level of consensus and impact on your plan in real time. Analyze the achievability of your pan with InEight Schedule insights, including measures for plan realism, plan buy-in, plan continuity and plan detail. The more green that displays, the more aligned your current plan is to your historical project data.


Confidently take the project forward with a crystal-clear view of risk. Use InEight Schedule’s risk management features to identify and quantify risks and opportunities, determine contingency and adjust the plan as work progresses. Schedule helps protect against margin erosion and deliver project confidence, every step of the way.

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