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Capital and maintenance projects are inherently complex. A typical project is comprised of numerous companies, scores of team members, thousands of action items and countless emails. This intricate web of people and correspondence frequently results in communication failures and inadequate collaboration, leading to jeopardized schedules, increased costs and unhappy clients.  InEight Document delivers a project a hub designed to break down these communication walls.



Document Controller at a Contractor

Email is still the number one communication method on our projects, but we have no easy way of relating these emails back to our projects.

Project Director of an Owner

I live in Outlook. There must be a way I can easily file and access my project related emails without having to jump around a bunch of different software products.

Project Manager at a Contractor

We have hundreds of professionals working on this project spread across dozens of companies. It’s a full-time job just keeping everyone informed and following up with all the project action items.


Capture and manage all your construction project email and communication. From within InEight® Document or using our Outlook add-in, securely file, access, search, relate and view all your, and your project teams, correspondence based on custom-defined email templates.


InEight Document’s Task module eliminates the problem of uncontrolled project tasks.  Create, track and manage all your tasks from one simple tool.  Relate project software turnover document, emails, packages and transmittals directly to the task to create a fully comprehensive view.


Today capital projects include hundreds, or even thousands of professionals, spread across numerous companies and locations.  Assuring you have all the latest contact information is a daunting and laborious task.  InEight Document’s Contact and Company capability provides a single secure repository of project team information easily populated via an integration with MS Active Directory or imports from MS Project and Excel.

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