During a construction project knowing the readiness of the project is critical for all stakeholders.

Typically, to attain this insight, multiple systems are used among the project team. Among these are 3D models. However, with traditional 3D models, there is an enormous amount project data that does not live within them. This makes it difficult to accurately visualize the readiness of a project. Data needed for construction is often contained in documentation separate from the design files, making it difficult for project stakeholders to work efficiently throughout the project and into operation and maintenance. Often engineering design file types are incompatible with each other, making it difficult to identify and prevent design clashes. Most modeling software used by designers in VDCBIM practitioners are too complex for practical or comprehensive use by other stakeholders.

So, how do we fix this problem? InEight Model allows for the use of all project models, from design models to fabrication models, construction models, and as built information.

Solution provides the flexibility of organizing the project models while also maintaining every revision of the models as they’re uploaded into common data environment. This allows owners and contractors to have one reliable and easily accessible solution for model aggregation.

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