Transformation it’s an important word. And for us at InEight, it means a lot. It’s evident in everything we do. It’s in our solutions, our ecosystem, and our culture. It’s what drives our momentum. Our customers realize they need digital transformation today to stay competitive tomorrow. They seek innovative solutions that are reliable, connected and made for construction at InEight, that’s what we’re doing, helping new ideas become reality. Through the construction of the roads, we travel on, the treatment plants that provide us clean drinking water, and the power stations that keep the lights on. But our industry has been slow to digitally transform changing processes and adopting new technology has been difficult. However, with cities expanding and populations growing, there’s never been a greater need to transform the way we build. At InEight, we exist at the center of this transformation. Our vision is to change the future of work within the construction industry to deliver improved outcomes, predictability, and safety to all project stakeholders through a complete end to end construction platform. Imagine leveraging data to realize proven project certainty at every phase of construction. We are all about transformation. It’s in our DNA. We encourage our global team to be themselves, to have the freedom to work in ways that allow them to do their best work, to seek out our differences that aim for diversity and the positive transformation it creates. Together, we can shape the future of construction. So, some words of inspiration from InEight, and establishing shot a creed create with greatness and goodness. Take care of the people who rely on you. Transform the industry today. And make the world a better place for all.

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