At InEight, we know construction is tough. That’s why we’ve developed field tested construction project management software for every phase of your asset’s lifecycle.

It’s time to discover the tools you need to achieve proven project certainty. With our fully integrated project platform, you have the ability to maintain and enrich a seamless flow of data between all contributors across the project lifecycle. Our cloud platform is designed for the front office, the jobsite, and the field, maximizing your project confidence, and minimizing risk. During the pre-planning phase, our software helps you share data and documents between project teams. In addition, our powerful AI engine provides suggestions on sequence, duration, and quantities from previous schedules of completed construction projects. All stakeholders can provide input to ensure the proper durations, risks and constraints are captured for each work area of the project. Throughout this process, project documentation is managed within a single source of truth, making it accessible to all relevant project participants.

At the final step of pre-planning, quantities can be updated using either 2D or 3D take off. Then the estimating structure can be passed to the model. As new revisions of the model are completed, estimate quantities can be updated in real time and compared to historical performance using the benchmarking feature.

As you enter the design phase, information captured in the estimate and schedule can be used to build out installation work packages. Documents needed to install the work can be linked to the work packages by syncing the model. In addition, work steps such as safety, quality and compliance checklists can be associated with the packages. Leverage detailed workflows to track and complete document reviews and manage project email communications across the extended project team. Then the entire project team can use dashboards to ensure planning activities stay on track and constraints are removed before the work starts in the field. Finally, work package information can be sent back to the schedule or it can be broken down into shorter intervals. You can also consider other factors such as crew availability and weather as you plan daily work activities.

Next comes the construction phase. Since all the information has been linked up to this point, you can simply capture field progress and use it to update other applications. In the field you can review instructions, specifications, inspections, and daily project plans. You can also capture daily crew hours and progress of quantities on an offline mobile device. This information then updates the project budget for tracking project progress, analyzing cost and manpower variances, and making project forecasts. It also updates the schedule, allowing progress to be seen visually on the model or in dashboards.

Project teams can launch and track process review and approval workflows for RFIs, submittals and other construction workflows. Additionally, as built documentation can be tracked in the single project archive. Through project reporting in dashboards, you can share all planning and execution data with relevant stakeholders to keep the project on track for both cost and budget.

During the startup and operations phases, our solutions can be used for final quality inspections and checklists to log issues as needed. All project information and documents collected using InEight applications can then be turned over to the owner at the end of the project, providing them with a digital twin of their assets.

From pre-planning to operations, InEight solutions provide you and your team the visibility to remove constraints and ensure successful project execution.

InEight delivering proven project certainty.

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