Hunter Contracting is a Arizona-based heavy civil contractor founded in 1961. We’re a family owned business, and we focus on building the infrastructure in our communities, so roadways, water lines, sewer lines, water treatment plants, parks, so really all the heavy civil infrastructure that affects our life.

Hunter Contracting started using InEight Estimating software in the early ’90s. That is how all our estimates are produced within the company. Consistency is what it’s brought about. That really helps us overcome our business challenges of making sure everything is done the same way, the same processes. People are familiar with it. We all know what we’re looking at when we look at the information. And we know that the accuracy is there as we develop the estimates.

What really stands out for me is the cost breakdown structure in InEight Estimate. Because to me that brings everything together in a summarized view that I can easily customize and see the information that I want to see. I do all the bid reviews, and that just provides that summary information, so I can look at consistency, I can understand how the assessment put together. And that is an extremely impactful part of the software.

The ability to copy from a spreadsheet into our estimate software. So setting up the bid schedule, I don’t have to necessarily have in a certain format to import it. I just do a direct copy paste from Excel. And then as we’re sharing information or building cost models to share with our clients, we can also copy directly from the InEight Estimate product into the spreadsheet, and it really enhances our productivity as far as setting up bids and sharing information with our clients.

And we’ve grown a lot over the years. The market goes up and down. But I love the scalability of the software, the amount of data storage, the amount of users that can be in it at any one time. It’s very flexible, so if we have a very large project, we can have multiple estimates working on one estimate to facilitate our growth, and that’s been really successful.

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