Graycor Industrial is a self-performing contractor that works nationally and self-performs a majority of the work and only subcontracts out those specialty trades such as electrical and insulation.

The company in general has about 1,600 employees on a given day throughout the country. And we’ve been around since 1921.

The company decided that it was time to go for a digital solution, so I was put together on a committee to look for the best solution we could find. And ultimately, we made our decision to go with InEight.

The way that the software works is that the product is estimated in Estimate. It’s then published and sent over to Control. And then we send it from InEight Control to our ERP. So all the information is generated in InEight, and the ERP just receives the cost codes, man-hours, and quantities. We execute the project all through the InEight.

So before, you’d have a crew that would go out there, and they would know what they have to do, and they would know how many hours they’re going to spend that day. But they wouldn’t know the impact of how that relates to the bid, how many hours were put in there, man-hours per piece of item. And they’re going to get feedback at the end of the day. And they’re going to know if they made productivity or we’re out of it.

With InEight, it’s a graphical user interface. It’s on the internet. It’s cloud-based, so much easier to teach, much more intuitive to use. And so we’re very eager to be able to teach people how to use this in a much more functional way.

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