How much do you actually know about your capital projects? You could be missing critical data that’s likely leading to projects that are coming in late and over budget. And if you’re using disparate systems, your visibility is limited which results in greater risk and uncertainty.

It’s time you discovered how smarter insights lead to better outcomes.

With InEight’s integrated project management platform, you’re able to mitigate risks before they happen. With this enhanced intelligence, you end up greater project certainty. Why? Because you’re digging deeper into your historical project knowledge and getting actionable insights in real time.

In addition, our cloud based software improves team communication, ensuring everyone has the most accurate and timely information.

You can trust InEight software because it’s developed by industry experts who have years of job site experience.

This is field tested software that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you of visibility into your large construction projects.

Raise your project’s IQ today and deliver better outcomes tomorrow.

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