Change orders are part of almost every capital project. And unfortunately, they’re also a major pain point. Even though the initial scope of work for the project was agreed upon, there always seems to be changes. Change orders exist because of the dynamic and complex nature of capital projects.

For most, it’s simply not possible to anticipate every challenge or variable from the outset. Mistakes or ambiguities in the plan end, the owner’s desire to make aesthetic changes to the project, and the owner’s needs to reduce costs can all be addressed by means change order. However, because these changes occur, they can cause difficulty in executing the project.

Contractors know that because four processes and a lack of technology, the ability to track and manage change orders is very tedious and inefficient. These problems then trickle down to the owners lacking the necessary visibility to address change orders in a timely fashion so they can mitigate their impact to the project. This is why change orders are one of the most common types of instruction delays, driving scope creep, budget overruns, and sometimes even costly litigation.

However, What if I told you there was a solution? With the InEight change management solution, every stakeholder has powerful software that provides a continuous view into overall project progress, facilitating communication in time to avoid or accommodate change orders. Our solution allows you to manage the entire change life cycle from issue identification through change order approval, create more defensible change orders with relevant information about an issue, proactively mitigate risks, before they turn into disputes, analyze the impact and progress of every issue ensuring it’s being managed to completion.

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