An essential part to any successful capital project is your bid closeout and tendering process. First, let’s take a look at the four common challenges we face when it comes to bid closeout and tendering process.

  1. Easily defining pricing of bid or pay items.
  2. Entering the mountains of price information manually.
  3. Coming up with a streamlined process for review and feedback of the bid.
  4. Benchmarking work of past projects to validate bid assumptions.

With the Bid Closeout solution from InEight, we’re helping to solve these issues by providing a tool that allows you to create an efficient bid preparation and review process.

Our solution lets you easily compare and consider multiple approaches to the work, then validate your assumptions by benchmarking against similar scopes of work on past projects.

You can also automatically or manually determine your balance bid prices. And when you’re ready to circulate the estimate among project stakeholders, you can easily change the format to match how they prefer to view it. Then submit the price proposal that gives you the best chance of winning the bid, knowing you have sufficient budget to build the work for a profit. If you’d like to learn more about this and other InEight solutions, contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule free demo.

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