| 2023 | Third Edition

The third edition of the Global Capital Projects Outlook from InEight puts a renewed focus on optimism and digitalization. We have found the industry is made of grit and determination, unshakeable in its confidence and resilience in the face of extreme pressure.

Four key themes are covered in the 2023 Edition:

  • The transition to renewable energy is a beacon of hope
  • There is a clear divide between the data haves and have nots
  • Opportunity lies in technology sophistication
  • Shared risk and greater collaboration are coming to the fore

We continued to benchmark how owners and contractors are meeting the challenges of global construction industry trends. After three years, we are confident in providing significant insights that point to a bright future for integrated technologies that can improve collaboration and communication between stakeholders. These innovations could allow everyone to see the bigger picture together, leveraging connected data to make smarter decisions.

The survey included 26 questions designed to gauge general confidence and optimism levels across the industry and assess track records, plans and attitudes towards digital transformation. Of the 300 large enterprise capital project and construction professional respondents, 100 each are drawn from our focus regions of North America, Europe and APAC, giving each equal weighting in the report. Globally, 67% of respondents are project owners and 33% are contractors.


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