Only InEight provides a cloud-based solution that integrates data and creates meaningful insights across the life of your project. You get real-time visibility into scope, cost and schedule — so you can deliver better outcomes.

Traditional project management is no longer sufficient for the complexity of today’s capital projects. Learn more about AWP by downloading our white paper.


Greater Project Visibility

World-class capabilities and connected project data across critical business process areas:

Scheduling Cost Budgeting & Forecasting Field Data Capture
Risk Management Revenue Management Quality Management, Start-up & Commissioning
Estimating & Pricing Earned Value Management Change Order Management
Contract & Procurement Management Work Planning & Packaging Building Information Modeling/Digital Twin
HSE & Compliance Document Control & Turnover



Manage Scope, Cost and Schedule Constraints

Adapt plans in real time as demands and conditions change from original to as-built.

Scope: Get real-time line of sight to scope changes in models, documents, drawings, inspections and test plans.

Cost: Leverage cash-flow insight and protect against margin erosion in budgets, actuals, estimates and forecasts.

Schedule: Deliver the most realistic plans, including CPM schedules, work plans, short-interval plans and daily plans.


Pushing the Boundaries of AWP

InEight has long recognized the value of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) as the culmination of traditional front-end planning with workface planning and next-generation information management.   We have extended our planning and field execution platforms to support the AWP process. The depth and integrated nature of our solution, along with next-generation innovations, ensure that the AWP promise of reduced costs and improved productivity are realized.