Ensure Standards and Expectations are Met with InEight’s Quality assurance Software

Construction quality assurance

Quality assurance and quality control are essential for construction companies. Quality assurance sets the framework for a compliant project, and quality control protects your business from liability, budget overruns and extensive rework. But both processes require lots of paperwork, documentation and time. Without an established workflow, it’s easy to overlook mistakes or blow past hold points in a rush to meet a deadline.

Our InEight® construction quality control software is built for capital projects where time is a commodity. By automating your quality control processes, you will mitigate risk, protect your teams and preserve your reputation for future projects.

Construction quality Control

With a user-friendly interface on both web and mobile devices, our software is easy to implement across teams. Customize forms to fit your project or use standard forms to get started right away. Time-saving integrations allow you to manage change orders, create issues and gather documentation during the project.

Built for complex capital projects, InEight’s quality control software saves you time and costs while ensuring that your project meets structural standards and owner expectations.


Construction quality control directly impacts your bottom line. Mitigate risks and enjoy fewer change orders, repair costs and rework with end-to-end quality control processes.


Without a quality control system, your company is susceptible to injury and liability. Protect your on-site workers with standard safety forms throughout the lifecycle of your project.


Digital quality control and assurance practices allow you to hand off complete packages to project owners right on deadline. Automatic certifications make the process seamless.


Start new projects quickly with standard forms. Keep stakeholders and clients informed on project progress with real-time reporting.

Quality Control Software for Construction Professionals

With InEight’s quality control software, companies can implement their construction quality assurance plans on large-scale capital projects. Be proactive about quality control with tools that let you prioritize safety.

Project Owners

Enjoy complete transparency with round-the-clock access to data. Keep clients informed with permission-based access and share data with API integrations.

Project Managers

Spend time where it matters with standard forms that are ready to go from the start. Enjoy peace of mind with plug and play forms and real-time reporting.

Field Supervisors

Spend less time training on-site teams thanks to a simple user interface and field tools that work on mobile devices and offline.


Make decisions backed by data with access to real-time reporting. View organizational KPI reports or break them down by region and project.

6 Aspects of Construction Quality Assurance

The right software will improve the quality of your construction work through automation, real-time reporting and customizable processes. Here are the main areas to prioritize when approaching your construction quality assurance plan.

Create a Plan

Build your inspection and test plan (ITP) directly in the software. Incorporate quality requirements from the beginning with planning and progress integrations.

Communicate with the Field

Transmit design drawings, quality checklists and other documents to the field as soon as they are completed to avoid delays and miscommunication.

Real-time Reporting

Have field workers submit timely progress reports so that quality personnel can accurately monitor projects and resolve issues faster.

Share Data with Clients

Using a central software platform for reporting and communication allows you to deliver progress reports and keeps the lines of communication open.

Inspection Hold Points

Our software sends hold point notifications when teams are getting ready to sign off on a particular workflow, reminding them to perform the required tests.

Documentation and Turnover

Gather documentation as the project progresses for a smooth turnover. Enjoy total transparency with reporting, certification and document integrations.

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