Work More Efficiently with InEight’s
Construction Inspection Software

Customize your forms

Even within the same industry and company, no two construction projects are alike. Compliance requirements, materials, equipment, hazards, end use and owner project requirements vary widely. With our construction inspection software, you can customize forms for each individual project and update those forms to keep up with changing regulations.

Our software is built to accommodate equipment used across multiple builds, templatized buildings and more. Avoid costly repairs by identifying construction flaws early in the process. Our mobile app allows you to capture photos, videos, voice recordings and notes in one central location. Get started quickly with standardized inspection forms that accommodate everything from material and equipment inspections to corrective actions, punch lists and audits.

More efficient inspections

Cut back on the time and effort it takes to perform construction inspections on large, complex projects with our highly customizable smart forms. Assign inspections to each responsible party and access from anywhere with mobile, desktop and offline applications. Our software leads to more efficient walkthroughs, faster feedback, better decision-making and quicker issue settlement.


Our inspections forms automatically assign construction inspections to personnel, then use conditional logic to guide you through quality, safety and environmental checks.


Inspection protocols enable you to meet owner project requirements, safety regulations and building codes during the project — making turnover a breeze.


Avoid costly rework, change orders and injuries with streamlined, consistent inspection processes. Catch issues when they occur and resolve them faster.


Speed up your reporting process without compromising quality, thanks to standardized construction inspection reports. Customize the forms for your business or leave them as-is.


Keep a record of claims, incident reports and completed construction inspections for reference in case of an audit. Access, search and share data easily with our document integrations.


Receive instant notifications regarding safety issues on the job site. Create, assign, track and update issues all in one place.

Who Uses
Construction Inspection Software?

Streamline the construction inspection process with intuitive forms that direct you through every step of the process. Standardize your data collection methods across the organization with required questionnaires.

Project Managers

Reduce the risk of safety issues with a standardized inspection workflow. Spend more time on strategy while enjoying greater visibility into project quality.

Third-party Inspectors

Our software allows third-party inspectors to walk on the jobsite and perform their inspections right away, with little intervention from contractors.

Site Inspectors

Save time by collecting pictures, notes and signatures in one place. Instead of hunting down documents, access the latest version of each form with a single click.

Field Engineers

Get your work done faster with immediate access to relevant inspections. Update information and assign inspections to relevant parties in one simple step.

6 Benefits of a Proper Construction Inspection Process

Regular construction inspections are the backbone of a successful project. By implementing inspection systems, your business can avoid costly mistakes and focus on delivering the project on time and on budget.

Control the Quality of the Finished Project

Reduce rework and change orders with proper inspections throughout the lifecycle of your project. Resolve issues before turnover.

Meet Safety Regulations

Code and safety regulations change constantly. Update inspection forms in real time to ensure that your project complies with the latest standards.

Stay on Budget

Regular inspections allow you to compare actual project progress to the planned budget, and catching issues as they happen will lower your repair costs.

Stay on Schedule

Eliminate costly delays with daily, weekly and monthly check-ins. Keep clients and key stakeholders informed on the progress of the project to avoid surprises.

Mitigate Risk

Errors are inevitable, but consistent construction inspections allow you to catch and fix them early on. Communicate with team members in real time to view and resolve issues.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Construction inspections let you catch construction, design or building flaws during the project, lowering the cost of maintenance down the road.

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