Control Your Workflow with Dynamic
Commissioning and Turnover Software

Coordinated Commissioning workflows

Maximize your efficiency with an established building commissioning process. From pre-build designs to post-build maintenance and alterations, InEight® Compliance provides you with a coordinated workflow, ensuring that your project will meet owner project requirements and quality standards.

Our commissioning and turnover software is designed for large projects across many industries, including oil & gas, power, energy and vertical construction. Manage multiple contractors with ease by working from a single platform. Complete projects with fewer change orders, schedule delays and budget overages.

visualize progress

Our software integrates with InEight Model, so you can visualize your project progress in 3D at any time and keep clients updated on key developments during the building process. Digital twin capabilities speed up the design and production process by letting teams track performance in real time.

When the work is completed, transition smoothly into construction closeout with a stand-alone, configurable project turnover package. Enjoy total transparency into your workflow with software that puts you in control of testing, inspection and compliance.


Track and manage vendors, contractors and equipment on a platform designed for large-scale projects. Coordinate multiple phases of a project with detailed progress tracking.


Access the platform from anywhere. Resolve issues quickly thanks to real-time feedback from relevant stakeholders.


Our certifications module automates the turnover process. When you finish your project, it supplies all the documents you need for turnover, saving you a lot of time on a project.


Avoid maintenance and repair costs by monitoring systems after the project is complete. Detect deficiencies, receive instant malfunction alerts and fix issues immediately.

Who Uses
Building Commissioning Software?

Get ahead of the curve with automated workflows that lead smoothly to complete turnover packages. Our commissioning and turnover software puts you in the driver’s seat with total visibility into data, progress and quality.

Project Managers

Have consistent access to progress reports and required project documentation. Transition seamlessly from building to inspection and turnover.


Know your as-built costs and enjoy increasing certainty with each new project. Have total access to all the data you need to be fully transparent with your clients.

Field Managers

Start projects quicker with workflows that are pre-populated and ready to go. Receive automatic hold-point notifications during the project to ensure quality.

Equipment Managers

Track and maintain equipment with intelligence. See service schedules, keep up with manufacturer recommendations and hand over the total package to the client.

6 Steps for a
Streamlined Building Commissioning Process

Move through the building commissioning process with ease. Our software makes it easy to establish required checkpoints, send out questionnaires to third parties and turn over a live manual at project completion.

Determine Project Requirements

Meet to determine the owner’s project requirements (OPR). Summarize these building objectives into a living document that will guide the project.

Develop Commissioning Plan

Develop a commissioning plan with relevant documents, such as building descriptions, MEP drawings, reports, etc. Include required checkpoints for changes, revisions and updates.

Review Designs

Review designs by gathering feedback from responsible parties. Send out questionnaires to meet the goals and design intent for the project. Update the OPR as needed.

Kick-off The Project

Hold a kick-off meeting for the construction phase and proceed with the project.

Resolve Outstanding Issues

Once the project is complete, resolve outstanding issues and add change orders. InEight Completions will break down documents into substructures based on type and discipline.

Project Turnover

Turn over the complete package as a live manual to the owner. Enjoy total transparency with digital twin technology.

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