Oracle Pertmaster

The InEight Schedule process allows organizations to achieve greater plan realism. When a realistic plan, inclusive of uncertainty rankings and risk events, are passed to Pertmaster, then you start your schedule diagnostic and risk modeling exercises from a sound and realistic basis rather than an overly optimistic scenario. Capturing risk events during the Markup and Review process provides Acumen a complete picture of the team’s opinion not only in regard to uncertainty, but also the events that could materially impact the project. InEight Schedule provides Pertmaster with the following information: (a) A realistic and calibrated plan in XER or Microsoft Project formats (b) Uncertainty rankings (3-point estimate values) based upon the team’s Markup of the final version of the plan (c) Risk events and opportunities mapped to the appropriate elements in the schedule inclusive of the probability and impact values.

TYPE: Flat File

METHOD: Export


Compatible with:

InEight Schedule