Top 3 reasons to adopt advanced work packaging

1. Reduce Schedule and Cost

Coordinating and sequencing work across the project life cycle through the adoption of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) can reduce Total Installed Cost by 10%*.

2. Increase Productivity

Ensuring that people have the equipment, materials and instructions to complete their work, to reduce idle time and increase labor productivity by as much as 25%*.

3. Improve Predictability

Establishing stakeholder collaboration at the outset of the project permits the design of a constraint-free work environment in the field, resulting in more predictable outcomes.

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What is advanced work packaging?

It’s about getting the right stuff to the right people at the right time.

A coordinated approach between engineering, procurement and construction, Advanced Work Packaging sits at the intersection of integrated data, processes and stakeholder collaboration to achieve lower cost and schedule risk, higher field productivity and more overall project certainty. Spanning the entire project life cycle, this collaborative approach iteratively designs packages of work across disciplines to establish a constraint-free Path of Construction. It’s the end goal that matters most — with AWP your plan starts here.

Why is ineight the best choice for
advanced work packagaing?


Advanced Work Packaging is heavily reliant upon having a sound cost and schedule forecast as early as possible. InEight’s planning, scheduling and risk solution enables organizations to build a top-down, risk-adjusted forecast in the initial phases of a project and then build out detail from this throughout the project life cycle, even into field execution.


Advanced Work Packaging drives optimization by aligning planning and field execution. InEight’s short interval planning (SIP), daily field planning and mobile progressing tools provide a mechanism for this seamless bidirectional flow of project data.


Advanced Work Packaging results in multiple types of project data being connected. InEight’s integrated cloud platform is designed to enrich data and knowledge to support establishing the digital thread.


Advanced Work Packaging helps pinpoint engineering and procurement dependencies through Paths of Construction. InEight’s modeling and visualization solution enables an organization to interactively pinpoint such dependencies and paths.


Advanced Work Packaging aligns execution workfaces with components and deliverables. InEight’s daily field planning solution provides an industry-unique level of detail at which this can be accomplished.


Advanced Work Packaging drives project collaboration across disciplines and stakeholders. InEight’s solution captures expert opinion from multiple sources (even crossing owner/contractor boundaries), combining them into a consensus-driven forecast.


Get an in-depth look at AWP and discover why execution-based planning supports a constraint-free Path of Construction and helps drive reduced costs and increased predictability and productivity.


advanced work packaging


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