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Document Control for Capital Construction

Predictable, on-time completion starts with smarter management of project documentation and information. You need scalable, easy-to-navigate construction document control software. With InEight Document, stop wasting time digging through folders. Align communication, consolidate processes, and take control of your information.

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Keep Your Projects Moving

One Source of Truth

Reduce rework and improve performance with timely asset access. InEight Document’s innovative document register ensures every team member works from the same version of every document, keeping everyone in the know and providing necessary access without having to request documents or sift through email.

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Keep Work Moving

Stop building workflows around the limits of your document control solutions. Flexible automation inside InEight Document keeps approvals moving by equipping you to adapt workflows to the needs of your business and delivering a more productive and efficient experience.

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Standardize Your Best Practices

Adjust processes to meet your unique needs. InEight Document is built to adapt to even the most complex projects and organizations. Automate your preferred tasks, configure processes, and account for variable scenarios at any level of granularity.

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Ensure Accountability

Protect your team from time-consuming disputes and record searches. InEight Document provides a transparent, secure, and undeletable record of activities down to the user and action, with controls to manage external users access at any level.

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Document Control That Fits Any Project

“We could not have achieved this complex digital commissioning as efficiently as we did without InEight Document.”

Marjorie Gore
Heidelberg Materials

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“With InEight Document, we’re able to get the right information, in approved documents, served up to the end users at the right time.”

Henry Okraglik

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“I’m a big fan of keeping it simple: decide on the outcome you want and set up your processes and technology to deliver it.”


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FAQ: InEight Document

How does InEight Document stand out from other solutions?

InEight Document is built to be highly configurable at a granular level, and it tracks every action. Those design principles, in addition to its stringent security standards, make it uniquely well suited to the demands of complex construction. It accounts for common work processes while allowing any needed degree of customization. With InEight Document, you can store and organize any type, size, or volume of project documents, files, or photos, giving you confidence that every team member can easily find the latest approved file, keeping projects moving quickly without delay or rework. Automate and granularly configure your information workflows to exactly suit your business needs so you can keep approvals, RFIs, and reviews moving quickly and accurately. Gain efficiency by customizing standard processes to suit your business. Ensure accountability among teams and stakeholders with highly detailed auditable records.

Who can benefit the most from using InEight Document?

InEight Document is the construction document control software of choice for companies that need flexibility across projects and security they can configure and trust. Several aspects of InEight document make it uniquely well-suited to complex projects: It can store any volume of files and data, easily handle any size file, meets stringent security standards, and can be configured at a granular level to accommodate interactions between many teams and entities. Project managers, document controllers, construction administrators, contract managers, engineers and designers, quality assurance teams, project owners and stakeholders, plus legal and compliance teams all appreciate the functionality and flexibility of InEight Document.

Our documents change significantly throughout the design and construction process, but we often want to reference older versions.

InEight Document is built on solid principles of document control for construction.  Our innovative document register always presents the latest, approved version of a file – including all formats or file types – but it also maintains a complete document history. You can control and maintain all versions and revisions of your documents.  To manage and store data intelligently, InEight Document prompts you to create a new revision of existing documents during upload (while filling in existing metadata).  Compare document versions in the viewer to see changes over time.

How does InEight Document handle communication between different teams and organizations?

InEight Document automates document-related workflows to simplify the review process for drawing packages, RFIs and submittals and any other document-centric business process with user-defined workflows. This enables hundreds of project stakeholders to work together with efficiency and confidence, no matter what their role. With the highly configurable workflow processes, set up your review teams to work in a serial or parallel manner, or even a combination of both. For formal communication, turn to InEight Document transmittals. They’re received by email and provide recipients download links to retrieve the information, with tracking of downloads. Transmittals can be sent to people who are not direct users of InEight Document.

Can InEight Document handle the volume of information on my project?

No other system can handle the volume that InEight Document can. There are no limits on the number or size of files you can include on your project; our cloud-based platform grows with your needs.  We have projects across the globe with thousands of users and millions of documents.  We also offer the fastest processing time of any viewer. You can be confident that your data and processes will be ready and waiting, regardless of how large and complex the project is.

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