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Catie Williams will be the first to tell you she had no interest in data or programming throughout most of her young adult life. While influenced by the burgeoning social media scene at the time, which included Myspace during her high school days, it wasn’t until college that she began to gravitate toward the promise of what she saw as an industry with no ceiling — emerging technologies that could one day reshape the way business is done. She began to pursue the idea that these technologies could increase productivity and truly help organizations achieve their goals of growth and profitability.

Catie’s intuition was reaffirmed after her first major project with Kiewit. “It was an SAP project that would completely change the way Kiewit did business,” Catie explains. “The tools being designed were for a new end-to-end solution specific to construction and engineering. Being tasked with leading the charge on using new reporting tools and providing visibility to the data these new systems generated was extremely rewarding.” She recalls the “stripes” she earned from such a challenging and impactful project, and that it was a pivotal moment in her career working with new technology and a wide variety of stakeholders. “It wasn’t so much the systems as it was the processes that were becoming much more standardized,” Catie says.

This experience and background led Catie to her current role as Director of Product Management at 
InEight, where she is largely focused on the power of connected analytics. This ties back to her early days at Kiewit where she worked to gain buy-in on a new solution that would showcase the power of data that is 100% connected, and when used correctly, increases productivity and minimizes risk. “Implementing a connected system is a huge undertaking, but usually more so because of change management and business process design vs. technology,” says Catie. “Getting to be a part of building a solution that provides connected data out of the box and then seeing the impact when customers start realizing the art of the possible is the best part of the role.”

Catie lives in Omaha with her significant other, Nate, and their five-year-old daughter, Azalea, along with Catie’s mom and most of her extended family.

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