Capital & Contract Management

Manage contract workflows from start to finish, from contractor/supplier selection through contract closeout including the related buyouts, pay requests and change orders. With our capital and contract management solutions, you can facilitate contracts and changes throughout the project, resulting in a 20% reduction in turnaround time.

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Connected Analytics

Make real-time decisions as you gain visibility into metrics, KPIs and trends, driving continuity in operations.

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Document Management

Our document management solution helps you streamline the capture, review, management and distribution of project documents. Because all your project documentation is stored in a centralized repository, you can reduce processing time by 30%.

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Estimating & Project Cost Management

Our project cost management solutions help you create more accurate and timely project estimates, increase your forecasting accuracy, and improve the anticipated project ROI.

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Field Execution Management

Manage work packages and daily crew plans to deliver and capture predictable results in the field, reducing project costs 10%.

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Integrated Project Controls Platform

Only InEight provides a complete portfolio of capital project management software that supports enterprise-wide digital transformation.

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Planning, Scheduling & Risk

Collaboratively create and risk-adjust plans to achieve more than 75% confidence in project execution.

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Safety, Quality & Commissioning

Capture and analyze safety, compliance and quality data directly from the field, reducing rework by 10%.

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Virtual Design & Construction

Use an aggregated 3D model as a common data environment, increasing clash resolution efficiency by more than 200%

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Integrated Project Controls Platform

Only InEight provides a complete portfolio of capital project management software that supports enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Through our integrated project controls platform, you gain the ability to maintain and enrich a seamless flow of data between all contributors across the project life cycle. Our cloud platform is designed for the front office, the jobsite, and the field, either through a rich desktop experience or easy-to-use apps on a mobile device. Our secure cloud-based platform maximizes your project confidence and minimizes risk.




With our fully integrated project controls platform, you can access a seamless flow of always-current project documents, plus cost, schedule and quality data across the entire project life cycle.

  • Leverage a frictionless information flow between all contributors with a unified enterprise platform powered by InEight’s knowledge bus
  • Optimize owner/contractor alignment with transparent workflows and real-time notifications
  • Integrate our project controls platform and functionality with your existing tools

Automatically enriched digital thread

Combine work, materials, labor, and equipment – and their associated timing and costs – in a connected data flow

Digital twin creation

Get next-generation AI-driven analytics and visualization using 3D models

Integrated reporting

Access a library of standard reports and dashboards, or build your own

Standard project controls methodology

Supports AWP, Lean, Last Planner®, and Agile

Seamless contractor data flow to the owner

Owners can review and act on contractor plans in real-time


Increase asset value by digitizing the asset and the work.

Digital threads and digital twins help you overcome the age-old challenge of understanding and leveraging the information you have captured during the project life cycle. A digital thread provides a connected data flow from creation to completion of your asset, spanning across stakeholders and roles, and providing common context for reporting. Whereas a digital twin gives you a digital replica of your asset being built, combining as-designed and as-built information. Both are essential to owner/contractor alignment, real-time execution insights, and the transition to operation of the asset.


A single source of truth across teams and locations.

InEight’s secure cloud platform is an integrated suite of purpose-built products that ensures you and all stakeholders share a single version of project truth across all stages of the project life cycle. The result is increased efficiency, more accurate and timely decisions, and better project certainty. You’ll minimize data rework and duplicate data entry because you’re facilitating the cross-product sharing of users, roles, documents, reports and other project data. Our cloud platform offers robust APIs, enabling custom integrations between our tools and your third-party software applications. You’ll connect data and processes, assuring you get the most out of your existing investments.


Sustainable progress through full user adoption.

InEight’s people-centric approach to organizational change management is unique and proven. Our time-tested methods can help you execute your organization’s desired strategy and facilitate adoption by driving positive, sustainable change through your greatest asset — your team. As your organization adopts new technologies and project control processes, our experts offer a change management training strategy and support to drive project certainty using InEight’s project management software.


Our platform supports
Advanced Work Packaging, Lean and Last Planner® methodologies.



Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a methodical, start at the end and work backwards approach to planning and delivering projects on time and on budget. It aims to ensure the sequence of work, materials, and engineering are aligned to support an optimal Path of Construction.


Lean construction is a system with relationships, accountability and commitment at its foundation. It integrates teams through collaborative tools and promotes continuous process improvements. The Lean methodology eliminates waste and creates improved workflows to drive improved project predictability. Lean also encourages respect to all people involved.


Following Lean construction principles, the Last Planner System (LPS) promotes collaboration between foremen and project managers to identify issues before they reach a critical stage. The process involves last planners who plan in greater detail as teams move closer to doing the work. The system creates more reliable workflows and builds trust within a necessary collaborative team environment.

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