8 Must-Haves for Construction Estimating and PCs Software

There a several things to consider when choosing construction estimating and project controls software. Most systems offer the same core capabilities, but certain features will have differing levels of functionality depending on the software you implement. That’s why it’s critical to know the differences between systems and what will perform best for your business needs.

Having the right system in place delivers the most precise data on cost, labor and materials. This information empowers project teams to make better decisions. Download the e-book 8 Must-Haves for Construction Estimating and Project Controls Software and learn:

  • The importance of historical benchmarking and why all members of the project team should have access to it.
  • How tying a cost model to a schedule allows for a time-phased view of costs, revenue, resource requirements and cash flow analysis.
  • Why you need an estimating system that is integrated with field execution and earned value management applications.

The right estimating and project controls software can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects.

Download the E-book