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See the Bigger Picture

The InEight integrated solutions platform delivers a higher level of visibility, so you maintain complete situational awareness of your projects with historical context. You get greater control, leveraging connected data and integrated processes to effectively manage change and risk across projects. You’ll also have greater confidence, ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget. Manage better outcomes with InEight and realize proven project certainty. 

InEight helps you intuitively manage all your project information in one place. With our connected solutions, you avoid margin-eroding rework by ensuring decisions are made based on the latest changes and documents. We also help you increase collaboration among project teams because all documents are stored and accessed in a common repository. 


Discover the Benefits of Connected Solutions That Streamline Your Business Processes

  • Less Time Searching for Documents. 
  • Document Workflows That Work for You. 
  • Less Email. More Collaboration. 


All Your Documents in One Place

Keep everyone on the team working from a single source of truth for project information. Our solution helps eliminate the wasted time you and your teams spend searching for documents that were previously scattered across numerous systems. With InEight you’re using an easily accessible, cloud-based platform that puts the latest project information at everyone’s fingertips. 


Manage Documents and the Business Process 

InEight automates document-related workflows to simplify the review process for drawing packages, RFIs, submittals and any other document-centric business process. Each stakeholder can leverage customizable templates, forms and workflows tailored to their role on the project. The system notifies whoever is next in a workflow, with full KPIs and status reporting, so every process remains on track. With deep integrations across InEight solutions — critical data and workflows like work planning, field data capture, contract management and change order management become more efficient and effective.  


Every Document, Drawing and Email at Your Fingertips

InEight provides world-class document management capabilities such as secure access, version control and the ability to view hundreds of popular file types, without the need for specialized software. Users have access from anywhere using their laptop or mobile device. The cloud-based platform makes it easy to add users outside of your organization to the project as well — with no IT assistance required.  


Simplify Turnover Package Delivery

Contractors can now deliver turnover packages in record time, while owners get flexible options for continued access to data. Our solution provides a structured, searchable trove of all the agreed-upon project documents and data to help manage the asset throughout its life cycle.  

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