InEight and Melbourne Connect: Where Collaboration and Innovation Meet

Following a sustained period of strong growth globally, InEight is moving into new premises to provide a homebase for the next phase of the company’s development and expansion in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

InEight’s success is based on having a talented and diverse team to deliver improved outcomes, predictability, and safety to all project stakeholders through an end-to-end, digitalized construction project controls platform.

It is this spirit of collaboration and vision that prompted InEight to become one of the founding members of Melbourne Connect, a purpose-built innovation Precinct in the heart of Carlton, on the northern side of the Central Business District, occupying a space that is as impressive in its stunning design as in the initiatives that have driven its creation.


A Space for Functional Creativity

With an approximately 3,100-person work capacity and a Superfloor that can accommodate up to 900 visitors, the Precinct is the brain-child of the University of Melbourne in partnership with a consortium led by LendLease.

Designed by leading architect Woods Bagot, the visually and functionally daring workspace was created to foster a culture of collaboration by bringing together like-minded industry innovators and subject matter experts via the University’s interdisciplinary expertise. Holding year-round activities and events including hackathons, launches, exhibitions, skills development, plus social and cultural events, the space also strives to provide a sense of community and growth beyond its walls.

As a tenant of Melbourne Connect, InEight was selected for the synergy of how the company works with other partners and for their demonstrated belief in fresh ideation and collaboration.


An Investment in Sustainable Innovation

By encouraging meaningful connections between key players in the innovation landscape, the Precinct is driving the development of new work methods, solutions and technologies that are socially sustainable and also address many of today’s most pressing challenges. By doing so, it will be able to generate economic, environmental and social benefits, making a measurable, positive impact for the communities it serves.

Changing the future of work within the construction industry, InEight is proud to provide global, field-tested capital project management software that’s transforming the way owners, contractors and engineers approach and tackle their greatest project pain points. Over 400,000 customers worldwide rely on InEight every day for real-time insights that help manage risk and yield better outcomes across the entire project life cycle.

InEight’s commitment to significant investment in education, research and development with hundreds of construction technology software developers around the world, working hand in hand with industry professionals, made Melbourne Connect a natural partnering choice.

“This feels like a natural fit for InEight,” says Rob Bryant, APAC Executive Vice President for InEight. “Working alongside other world-class technology businesses, engineering research firms, tech start-ups, and higher degree students, in the engineering and data application environment, our team members are sure to be inspired every day. I have every expectation this move will be a further catalyst for innovation and purposeful partnerships for InEight.

At a time when we have all become very familiar with working in a virtual environment, there is still something very exciting and tangible about being part of a community and a hub for innovation and collaborative working. As the continued digitalization of crucial APAC capital and infrastructure projects grows, we at InEight are excited and honored to continue our own growth in this dynamic region, joining more like-minded, world-class technologists such as those represented within Melbourne Connect.”


*Photo Credit: Peter Casamento

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