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InEight® Plan provides you with a field-proven methodology for engineering and construction work planning, packaging and quantity claiming with rules of credit.

From complex, multi-week work packages to daily crew plans, InEight Plan simplifies the process of planning any scope of work along with the required resources, such as labor, equipment and materials. Work plans can also include safety, risks and environmental information to ensure that field personnel have full visibility to important issues that impact performance.

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InEight Plan: Work Packaging & Quantity Tracking



Field Engineer at a Contractor

I need a way to keep track of the project progress at a level of detail below the cost code. Doing that with spreadsheets is an error waiting to happen, and then someone still has to update the cost system manually.

Program Manager at an Owner

To mitigate risk, it’s critical that we collaborate effectively with our contractor partners and have visibility into the planning and packaging of the work. We need a system that automates that entire process.

Field Engineer at a Contractor

The old adage “build by area and finish by system” especially applies to today’s fast track projects. With tight timelines, we have to know exactly what makes up each system and sub-system, so we can meet the deadlines established by the turnover and commissioning group.

Cost Engineer at a Contractor

You can’t do earned value management without an accurate percent complete. When the project isn’t as far along as we thought, being overclaimed on progress results in a financial reversal which erodes confidence in our team.

Project Manager at a Contractor

On a design build project, I need a way to quickly identify quantity growth in a timely manner to effectively mitigate it if possible. Today, we usually see it too late in the project and have to live with the overruns.

Business Manager at a Contractor

When I put together a pay request, I need backup to justify the quantities I’m billing for. It’d be great if there was an easy way to provide a detailed summary of what been installed on the various pay items to submit with the request.

Simplify the work planning process

InEight Plan is an integrated system for comprehensively planning work by seamlessly bringing together multiple sources into a single package.

You can prioritize work package creation, efficiently route approvals and create crystal-clear work plans complete with tasks, resources and outcomes. When paired with InEight Inspect, construction inspection software, you have a powerful tool to collect data from the field, where the work happens.

Accurately break down work

InEight Plan lets you expand work breakdown structures to any level of detail to clearly quantify the scope of work.

We give you the ability to define and view project quantities at a granular level, providing you with a complete understanding and definition of the scope of work.

Know your progress in real time

With InEight Plan, you can claim progress at the right level of detail, including complex rules of credit, to know precisely how much of your project is completed at any given point in time. We leverage Earned Value Management techniques to produce accurate forecasts of project performance problems.

Access Installation Work Packages in the Field

InEight® Plan allows you to easily create a PDF of work packages and put an entire planning package in a foreman’s hands. Whether or not that package is part of a larger advanced work packaging (AWP) solution, crews will have all the information they need at their fingertips to get the work done.

An integration with InEight’s document management solution seamlessly supports storing the PDF versions of installation work packages, along with all other supporting documentation such as drawings, material specs and additional items. Now, you can keep everything together and easily accessible regardless of whether you’re connected or offline.


Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project

InEight's field execution management tools significantly improved communication at all levels on the award-winning Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project and allowed management to see real-time progress.

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Project Engineer on Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project

InEight Plan and Progress made us totally rethink how we did daily work plans, quantity claiming, and time collection. The technology streamlined processes, eliminated data entry and paper work and kept our guys out in the field instead of behind a desk.

TIC Project Engineer

From the planning process through field execution, inspection and closing the job out, everything’s tied together, and the uniqueness of it is that it all speaks to each other.

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