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InEight® Explore provides deep and interactive analysis of information across all of our products. It features pre-configured dashboards that highlight critical information to determine and drive project success, without the need for manual data manipulations.

With InEight Explore, you can tailor standard dashboards with custom visualizations, metrics and KPIs, without leaving applications. You can also connect data from InEight’s software to your own external reporting tools to maximize IT investments, or export data from our tools into your own construction report databases to blend information with your enterprise datasets.

Connected Analytics Webinar: The Next Game Changer in Construction

InEight Explore: Turn Data into Insights



Project Manager at a Contractor

Every one of our customers has different reporting requirements. We need to be able to respond quickly without waiting on someone in IT to create reports for us.

Cost Engineer at an Owner

We need an easy way to keep all the project stakeholders informed of the latest project status and forecast to make sure we’re effectively utilizing our capital.

Project Manager at a Contractor

We need to be able to drill into our critical data – costs, variances, issues, productivity, forecasts – in lots of different ways, to quickly see what’s really going on with our projects.

Cost Engineer at an Owner

Generating reports and dashboards is not just about one project, one source. We have to be able to mash-up data from lots of different sources, across lots of different projects and programs.

Project Manager at a Contractor

We want to provide a self-service portal for our projects where anyone with the right access can see the latest project information in easy to understand graphs, charts and tables.

Take your project data anywhere

We give you flexible data availability with the tools of your choice. InEight Explore provides datasets for all InEight solutions, which can easily be exported into business intelligence (BI) or reporting tools, such as BusinessObjects, QlikSense, Excel and Tableau. This allows you to gain additional insights specific to your organization and business processes.

Get your information, your way

InEight Explore enables you to customize existing dashboards, save them with familiar custom terminology and share them with other project or organizational users, all without ever leaving the application.

InEight Explore includes pre-configured dashboards that leverage PowerBI and can be tailored to highlight risks and issues.

See it all on one screen

InEight Explore allows you to easily blend vast amounts of data, combining data from any and all InEight solutions with other sources for broader exploration and analytics. This includes standalone data systems like Smartsheet or SharePoint.

You can also modify existing KPIs and metrics based on business processes that drive decisions and actions throughout every phase of construction.

Connect All Your Data for Superior Visibility

With InEight Explore, you can fully integrate your organization’s internal data landscape, giving you greater insights across your organization. By connecting data from InEight solutions to a third-party visualization tool, you can blend other organizational data to provide actionable information.

Know Your Contract Status

Contract dashboards provide project managers, district managers and other contract users unprecedented and in-depth insights into the status of their contracts throughout the entire construction life cycle.

View Your Daily Performance

The man-hour dashboard gives project managers, engineers and other leaders instant visibility into, and analysis of, the forecasted man-hours recorded within InEight’s daily field execution solution. Teams can quickly measure exactly how well they are performing by analyzing labor efficiency indexes (LEI), productivity, and compensation factors (CF).


What our
clients say

Project Manager, Kiewit Building Group

We can look at every single self-perform item from the previous day and see if we made or lost money, how everyone was doing, current budget for man-hours, cost, how they did that week and to date. For a production manager on a large project with thousands or millions of man-hours… this is an awesome report.

Project Engineer on the Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha Campus Expansion Project

When we’re looking at it on a weekly or daily basis, when we’re analyzing the data to see how we’re doing, we can actually trust the information.

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