Construction Contract Management
Made Easy

Manage the contract lifecycle

InEight® Contract Management enables you to manage both prime and subprime contracts while keeping all your financials up to date. Our comprehensive software puts you in the driver’s seat, equipping you with the tools you need to manage the entire lifecycle of your project.

From the pre-contract stage through contract execution and post-award, InEight’s contract management software gives you a streamlined way to monitor the status of your contracts. Manage change orders, back charges, payment verification and workflows, as well as contract closeouts. From the same system, track and manage subcontractors, vendors and material contracts.

Increase collaboration

Field handlers and project engineers are able to clearly track subcontractor progress, an area that is often obscured due to limited communication between the field and office. Project managers can identify safety or compliance issues and make immediate adjustments to avoid costly mistakes. And contract administrators have all the tools they need to communicate with team members in the office and in the field.


Put together bid packages using intelligent templates. Invite personnel to contribute to relevant portions, and refer to a historical library of bids to speed up the process.


Control the contract life cycle and enjoy total visibility at every stage in the process. Use the same system to track contracts from the field and the office.


Integrate with your ERP system to submit and receive payments, communicate more efficiently and automate document workflows. Create custom contracts and onboard subcontractors and vendors with ease.


Improve your process with intelligent, auto-filling contracts. Don’t waste time creating from scratch. Work from past templates and customize them with a few clicks of a button.

Streamline Your Contracts with InEight’s Contract Management Software

Increase your capacity to take on projects by using our intuitive contract management software. Designed to streamline your process from start to finish, InEight’s contract management software allows every member of your team to collaborate and manage the process with ease.

Field Handlers

Track subcontractor progress against the contract and manage supporting documentation. Increase visibility by noting backcharges and tracking issues in the system.

Project Engineers

Gain visibility into subcontractor activities & know the status of your project from all angles. Track labor and productivity & compare against project financials.

Project Managers

Enjoy project-level visibility into your financials and track schedule progress. Gain insights from current projects and apply them to other projects in real-time.

Contract Administrators

Increase daily efficiency by collaborating with all team members in a single platform. Submit payment forms, track contracts and streamline communications.

6 Steps for a Successful Construction Contract Management Workflow

A streamlined contract management workflow allows you to focus on managing the project rather than paperwork. Here’s how to use InEight Contract Management from schedule procurement to contract closeout.

Step One

After you’ve estimated and won the project, use InEight’s bid packages module to itemize the scope of work. Group these scopes into bid packages and define key benchmarks.

Step Two

Award contracts to subcontractors and physical suppliers. Track milestones in the scope of work to keep the project on schedule. Assign responsibilities for each bid package.

Step Three

Use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrations to build out the financial portion of the contract and create a system record. Issue purchase orders and calculate costs.

Step Four

Manage and track contract changes that occur during the project. Add Vendor Change Orders (VCOs), back charges, accruals and receipts. Make adjustments to the scope if necessary.

Step Five

Initiate contract closeout by assigning responsibility for each closeout section to the relevant personnel. Verify that all the requirements of the contract have been fulfilled.

Step Six

Conduct a post-mortem. Review the project from start to finish, making note of issues and successes. Confirm final deliverables from suppliers and subcontractors.

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