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Download InEight construction software and utilities.
VEO (InEight Model and InEight Completions) is now part of the InEight ecosystem.
Find your downloads and updates below.

InEight Completions

Completions HQ Application for Windows

Completions HQ should only be installed if instructed by your administrator.

Completions Mobile Application for iPad

Completions Mobile should only be installed if instructed by your administrator.

InEight Completions and Model

InEight Excel Plugin for Windows
Compatible with Office365.

InEight Document

InEight Estimate

Click here to go to the Estimate Software setup topics page to view the Estimate Software setup documentation.

Estimate 21.10.1 Download

For faster downloads, please choose the server location closest to you.

Other Add-Ins

If you require links to download any prior versions of Estimate, please contact support for more information. Please be advised that these older versions may be incompatible with newer software and hardware.