Get To Know Megan Siefker


Ensuring client success takes deep industry knowledge and expertise – something InEight’s Megan Siefker has in spades. As a client success director, Megan works with prospective customers to understand their pain points and assess the solutions that might best meet their needs. Then she stays with them on their journey through implementation to ensure their transition to the InEight platform is as smooth and successful as possible.

With a bachelor’s degree in construction, Megan began her own journey in the industry fresh out of college. She started as a field engineer, then moved into the role of superintendent overseeing mechanical and structural crews before being promoted to project engineer and eventually, transitioning into startup and commissioning. During that time, she learned a lot about what makes crews successful and the factors contributing to peak productivity.

Armed with that experience, today, she helps InEight clients improve their own project performance as they transform their businesses through technology. Her drive to innovate and help customers achieve their goals is part of what makes her current role an ideal fit. “Everyone on the InEight team is working to drive the industry forward, and that feels really good,” she says. “People with like minds wanting to push the boundaries – that’s definitely what drives me and drives all of our teammates, and that’s a really great atmosphere to work in.” 

InEight’s deep industry expertise is part of what separates them from other Silicon Valley-based construction technology companies, says Megan. “If you look at our product managers and who’s on the InEight team, it’s all people like me who have come over from construction. I ran crews in the field and I know the day-to-day struggles, the lack of time and the pain points you run into as a superintendent, foreman, project controller or even a high-level manager for that matter, so I know the kinds of things our clients want to see in reports.”

As someone who has accomplished so much in construction at such a young age, Megan actively encourages other young people to enter the industry which, in her view, is rich with opportunity. “I would recommend the construction industry to anyone, male or female,” she says. “It’s very dynamic, and ideal for someone who likes to be hands-on and do different things every day. I just love the fact that you can go for a walk on a jobsite and see your work being built. You get that tangible measure of success that your work is building a power plant or highway or commercial building. That’s a really good feeling. It’s something not many industries can say.”

Outside of work, Megan has plenty of hobbies to keep her busy. She recently moved to Montana and bought a home about 10 minutes away from Glacier National Park, so outdoor activities are a huge draw. She spent much of the winter snowboarding and hiking and has many more adventures planned for the summer months to come.

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