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Most people would agree that the construction industry is in a transitional period where tools and technology are changing the way that we do things at a rapid pace. As a director of product for InEight, Brandi Heffner sees this almost on a daily basis as she works with customers and sales to get feedback around the tools. Her main job is to strategize how to improve those tools and processes and coordinate with other departments to ensure that InEight delivers a world-class solution. So, was working in construction always a goal?

“Actually, it wasn’t anything I ever thought I would do,” she says. “But back when I started, there was a construction company that came to town and they were rebuilding the highway for the Olympics. I thought, ‘I want to be a part of that. How can I do that?’”

She got right to work on her new-found dream, securing a position in document control with a local construction company. Through that position, reading through the paperwork, hearing everybody talking and learning about the exciting things that they were building, Brandi got hooked quickly.

“And because the industry changes so much, there were many new opportunities that opened up year after year, too. So, I was able to participate in a lot of those roles as well,” she recalls.

Outside of work, Brandi likes to hang out with her husband and their two dogs.

“We’re home bodies, for sure. So, I like to read a lot, garden, whether it be vegetables or plants, any of that, just being outside and playing in the dirt is fun and relaxing for me,” she says. Her favorite thing?

“That’s easy — cooking! I love to try new recipes to see and experience the different flavor profiles. It’s really an adventure for me,” she says.

Thinking about her experience in construction, she’s come to some conclusions about how women’s roles have evolved, and why now is such a prime time to get involved.

“I think the areas in STEM are becoming more available for women, more attractive them,” she explains. “The technology really helps bring women into construction as well because it’s no longer looked at as purely a physical labor kind of job. Now we can bring women into construction by showing them that it’s normal for them to be here and how successful they really can be.”

Her time at InEight has helped shape her own thinking and expectations for her customers as well.

“To solve construction challenges, you have to get your boots on, you have to get them dirty, you have to know how to do the work,” she says. “Because construction’s more of an art form, I would say, than a hard science, and everything is changing so quickly, you have to be able to adapt for that and you have to know the outcome that’s going to bring when you do adapt.

“At InEight, we are in a unique position to be able to do that because our boots are dirty. We have done the work our customers do, so their challenges become our challenges, and we’re working to solve them together every day. What more could you ask for?”

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