Are You Planning For Project Success?

Planning for construction Project Success

Project teams, particularly field supervision, spend an extraordinary amount of time developing and assigning work plans, and then, tying those plans to construction cost tracking and schedules. For too long, the process has been largely dependent on spreadsheets and experience. Today’s advanced technology-driven work-planning and packaging solutions open the door for real-time, accurate and effective day-to-day construction project planning and workflow for even the most complex projects.

Consider the construction of a bridge substructure. To complete the job, the project team must break down large operations into manageable work activities (e.g., foundation prep, rebar placement, erecting forms,  placing concrete) with necessary allocations of the right people, equipment and materials. Cloud- and mobile-based field-execution management solutions simplify the process. They can be used to develop work packages, efficiently route approvals and create crystal-clear work plans for better construction cost tracking.

The technology also lets field supervision expand work breakdown structures to any level of detail. This allows them to clearly quantify the scope of work and claim progress at the right level of detail, including complex rules of credit. They now know precisely how much of the project is completed at any given point in time and can produce accurate forecasts of project performance. More importantly, they know the status of their project in real time and can quickly adjust work plans as needed.

The technology also benefits field crews by giving them work plans focused on specific and clear work items for any given day. Field execution technology can build confidence, enhance communication and improve teamwork. With connected information available in real time, field supervision knows on a daily basis that they have the resources in place to complete a work plan within a defined budget, measure progress and adjust quickly to keep their project on track.


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