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Accessing and maximizing clear, timely information with all project stakeholders on your capital projects is crucial for delivering positive, profitable results.

InEight provides valuable data and information - one version of the truth - through a unified visual platform. From modeling through decommissioning, InEight's portfolio helps you better manage quantities, engineered assets and schedule impacts in near real-time.

Powerful Industry Solutions

InEight solutions have been tailored to fit the demands of all capital and maintenance projects. Whether you're in Building, Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas or Utilities, you can build and manage projects better with InEight.

Maximize project profitability with Hard Dollar

With more than 20,000 users in 33 countries, InEight's Hard Dollar Platform (HD) provides mobilized technology strategies and tools focused on quantities, benchmarks and performance. Construction business has relied on HD to accurately produce estimates, analyze performance and track quantity consumption for more then 25 years.

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