History of InEight

InEight’s origins date back to 1989 with its groundbreaking estimating and project cost management solution that began to revolutionize the construction industry. After becoming a subsidiary of Kiewit, InEight set out to develop an end-to-end, integrated solutions platform that would support the intensifying needs of capital projects undergoing enterprise-wide digital transformations. Over the next two decades, InEight took its vision to the next level with a series of bold acquisitions.

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Hard Dollar is founded and releases one of the construction industry's first computerized estimating systems. This starts the journey leading to the release of the InEight Project Cost Management (PCM) product line 25 years later.


QA Software, based in Melborne, Australia, is founded and TeamBinder is released as one of the first industry-specific document control solutions. This starts the journey leading to the release of the InEight Document Management (DOC) product line 23 years later.

Hard Dollar is the first to release integrated estimating and job tracking software.


Hard Dollar releases a significant advancement with a bi-directional cost-schedule integration. The company moves into the current corporate headquarters building in Scottsdale, AZ.


Kiewit makes first investment in Hard Dollar that will lead to the full acquisition within a year. This marks an initial major milestone in Kiewit's digital transformation journey. Three short years later InEight will be born.

Laying the ground work for what is to become the InEight Field Execution Management (FXM) product line, Kiewit Technology Group develops work planning and work progressing applications to manage field execution.

M-SIX is founded and releases VEO, its ultra high-performance BIM solution designed for mega-projects. shortly thereafter, M-SIX releases quality, commissioning and startup functionality, which sets the stage for the release of the InEight Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) product line and the Safety, Quality and Commissioning (SQC) product line eight years later.


Kiewit’s subsidiary Kiewit Technology officially becomes InEight Inc. This marks the beginning of InEight's journey to deliver a single source of truth for the industry.

InEight becomes a global organization with the acquisition of Aeka Consulting. This move strengthens the company’s mobile application practice and sets in motion operations that lends confidence to further global expansion in years to come.


Basis is founded and releases the world's first AI-based project planning system. This sets the stage for the release of the InEight Planning, Scheduling and Risk (SCH) product line three years later.

InEight Planning, Scheduling & Risk solution is born with the release of Basis, the world's first AI-based planning system.

InEight releases the next generation of field execution software with its Field Execution Management solution, representing the one of numerous joint developments between InEight and KTG.

InEight releases self-service dashboards and analytics powered by Microsoft PowerBI. This release is the beginning of what will become the InEight Connected Analytics solution.

InEight begins its brand transformation with its new hexagon logo.


With the new hexagon logo in place, InEight undergoes a complete overhaul of its brand identity. InEight begins its migration away from a Hard Dollar product line.

InEight launches its new, bold brand identity and vision at ConExpo, which sets the company on its current course.


InEight releases its integrated Capital & Contract Management solution.

Further expanding its global footprint and entering into the competitive document management space, InEight acquires QA Software.

Marking the next chapter for InEight Planning, Scheduling, & Risk that started in 2016, InEight adds both AI and a powerful scheduling, planning, and risk application to its portfolio.

Introducing the next generation of modeling software to the InEight portfolio, M-SIX is acquired by InEight marking the signficant next chapter to VDC and SQC.


InEight enables contractors, owners and engineers to overcome their greatest project pain points through its capital project management software. Over 300,000 users and more than 750 customers worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire life cycle. From pre-planning to design, from estimating to scheduling, and from field execution to turnover, InEight powers more than $400 billion in projects globally across many industries. InEight gives project stakeholders the real-time information and insights needed to minimize risks, improve operational efficiency, control project costs and make educated decisions easily. Learn more at ineight.com.


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