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How much productivity would you gain if each field leader could react immediately to the constant changes on the jobsite and adjust workface plans on the fly? And what if the various trades could see each other’s progress to keep their workers safe and work moving forward?



InEight’s interval planning solution is collaborative, instantaneous and predictive, yet simple. Field leaders use its intuitive calendar view to schedule resources, assign work days, log work completed and track productivity rates. When your field leaders share an interval planning solution that’s collaborative and so easy to use, they will wonder why they ever did it any other way.

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Workface Planner at a Contractor

I want to know as soon as my foreman does what’s getting done today and what’s still left for tomorrow. That lets me use the larger CPM schedule to look at what is still ahead of us and how and when to best get it done.

Construction Director at a Contractor

Work plans are important but they are tedious to align, realign and then realign again when circumstances on the jobsite change. Updating back to the CPM plan is sometimes impossible.

Project Planner at a CM

I need to know when there are breaches to the plan from any trade’s work being pulled forward, moved back or from them simply falling behind.

Superintendent at a Contractor

On the jobsite, nothing ever stays the same. The crews, the tasks and the weather change every single day. What doesn’t change is the need to work together to keep workers safe to keep making progress on schedule.


Plan crews, equipment and materials within the context of the CPM plan. Use “cards” to indicate each day’s actual or expected productivity rates. Click the card to adjust the planned resources for the task that day. Move the cards between calendar days to reflect changes, and see the cards change color if any time shift breaches the CPM plan.


Make instantaneous adjustments to any level of work planning—tasks, crews, equipment, materials or rates. It’s so much easier than reprinting posters or manually marking up charts in the job trailer; any change in the schedule is immediately visible to all stakeholders. And because it’s linked to the task, sequence and duration data already in the CPM plan, changes that breach the project schedule are highlighted for remediation.


Play out any number of what-if scenarios—one at a time or all at once, to any tasks in the plan. Find efficiencies in equipment use, protect worker safety or account for changes in materials availability. With a completely digital tool, you can visualize the downstream effects on other activities before making a change. Never before have your lookahead plans been so predictive.


What you can’t plan is the weather. The week’s weather forecast at the job location conveniently displays in the interval planning view to assist with day-to-day work assignments and productivity forecasts. No more checking a separate weather app. And one less thing for you to do.


Consolidate every field plan change so that everyone is a little smarter on the next project. Each change you or another superintendent or foreman makes is a learning opportunity the lead planner won’t want to lose. When you use InEight Schedule, you capture them all in one place. On the next project, the AI-driven project planning engine uses every piece of field execution experience to mitigate future risk and predict more likely outcomes.


What Our Clients Say

Large Commercial Construction Organization

We’ve historically had a significant disconnect between our schedules and the task listing our team in the field uses to execute their daily tasks. Even worse, those daily task listings may differ significantly from the expectations, objectives and dates in the schedule. We had no way of knowing if the task listing used in the field supported the schedule. Using InEight Schedule to develop our short interval plans or ‘30-day lookaheads’ ensures alignment between the two, and when there is a disconnect, our planning and field teams are immediately aware.

A 35-year veteran of energy sector major CAPEX projects

With the advancements made in CPM tools, practically anyone can build a schedule. The problem lies in the fact that there is so much more to planning than simply building out a schedule.

Large EPC Organization

Until InEight Schedule, we lacked the means to utilize our historical project knowledge. Our schedulers would have to search through archives of old schedules to try and find what they need, and often times, that information was not available or simply lost. With InEight Schedule, we not only formalized how we capture and retain our history, but we can make effective use of that knowledge with every new project plan.

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