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Successful companies recognize that only by streamlining the process of capturing, controlling, accessing and tracking project documentation can they create the controlled, secure and accessible environment necessary to run on-time, profitable projects.

InEight® Document provides the tools necessary to assure project teams are managing a single source of controlled project truth, available to the extended project team.



Project Manager at a Contractor

Rework is killing me. How is it possible that everyone on my project team is building off a different version of the project documents? I need a single, trusted source of truth for everyone on my team.

Project / Document Coordinator at an Owner

We are the owners of the project; yet, we don’t have full visibility into what’s going on. We need a single repository we can count on to hold the latest, most accurate project documentation.

Project Manager at a Contractor

Litigation, or even the threat of litigation, is killing my productivity. Every time there’s a hint of a dispute, we spend countless hours collecting and pulling information from our email, file servers and other sources to get prepared.

Project / Document Coordinator at an Owner

Project information is frustratingly hard to find without asking our contractors and engineers. Documents and drawings are being created and changed every day; we should be able to access that information instantly.

Document Controller at a Contractor

We are responsible for protecting our project information. We must provide seamless and secure access to those who should have access to project documents, while assuring we provide protection against those who shouldn’t.

Manage a single source of truth

Leverage a robust online document repository for capturing, controlling, versioning and distributing project documents, while tracking the complete history of every project document.

Easily access your project information

Our solution features an intuitive search interface, spanning all the project information including project documents, workflows, photos, emails and their attachments.

You can organize project documents into familiar user-defined folders or dynamically-created folders based on document attribute values.

Choose the right hosting option

With InEight, you can select from a range of hosting options optimized to suit the requirements of your organization.

InEight Document provides a SaaS, nominated server environment within the customer’s infrastructure or a dedicated SaaS server option.

Leverage your project photos

Relate, search and view project photos and media files for richer project documentation. InEight Document assures the avalanche of project photos is searchable, viewable and relatable to their relevant projects and other project items.

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