Document Control Software

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Connecting Your
Documents to your Team

Document control software from InEight assures project teams have the right
project documents to make the right decisions at the right time.


Your controlled source of truth

Document management software from InEight enables distribution and tracking of your project documents via a single, controlled source of truth.

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Drive project efficiency

Increase your projects overall efficiency and quality using field enabled workflow solutions. InEight’s document management software enables you to capture, review and manage RFIs, submittals, photos, defects, checklists and other construction items.

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Break down communication walls

Collect project emails in one location without changing how you work. Eliminate communication failures across the entire project team, through the coordination of emails and project tasks.

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Deliver Turnover Packages

Upon project completion, deliver a stand-alone, searchable and configurable package of project documents and data to the project team.

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