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InEight Contract Overview

Category - Capital and Contract Management

InEight® Contract simplifies the buyout and creation of contracts, and facilitates complete contract management throughout the life cycle of each project. Construction contract administration software lets you manage all your detailed contract information from supplier selection and buyout through closeout. This includes scope, budget, payments, accruals, issues, change orders, subcontractor communication and much more.

Keep projects moving forward by using InEight Contract to understand unique project variables and manage the entire life cycle of the contract process.

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InEight Contract: Complete Contract Management



Procurement Manager at a Contractor

Payments take up most of my time once the contracts are in the field. I need to be able to efficiently create pay requests, route them for approval, and get the information to the back office swiftly and securely.

Construction Manager at an Owner

We need a way to process change against a contract. If we want to increase or decrease the budget, the change order should be linked to the change request and all the history.

Procurement Manager at a Contractor

We need to simplify approval processes and the data shared with our ERP system to eliminate time-consuming re-keying and reduce errors.

Construction Manager at an Owner

We need a living history of any given project to know exactly what happened that resulted in a change.

Project Manager at a Contractor

I need to know that all my contracted materials and services will be ready when the project needs them. For me to reduce risk and optimize the work schedule, I need real-time reporting on procurement activities.

Project Manager at a Contractor

We need a complete picture of the project to know what activities must take place on any given contract and then meet all contract compliance milestones.

Get a complete picture of your project

Know every scope of work and need-by date to effectively plan for the entire project.

InEight Contract tracks key milestones to ensure timely buyout and project delivery, helping you to avoid costly oversights. You can monitor the responsibilities of internal and external parties across all scopes of work.

Gain the foresight needed to eliminate risk

Allow field management to take swift action to mitigate risks to the contract value by avoiding or accommodating changes.

In one tool, you can see if you are going over budget based on potential change orders in construction contracts, commitments and progress payments.

Gain efficiency in the back office

Eliminate the labor-intensive and error-prone processing of typical contract management.

You can replace iterative manual processes and error-prone re-keying when InEight's contract management software is tied directly to your accounting or ERP system for unprecedented accuracy in your contract data.

Ensure accuracy and timeliness

Improve information flow into the project management system for better oversight of work performed by subcontractors and suppliers.

InEight Contract creates a true picture of project health and performance by linking accurate and timely data of work completed, materials and payments.

Know the current status, all the time

Have project documentation, issue history and transactional history at the ready for contract stakeholders, all in one tool and in real time.

InEight Contract creates a living history of every change made on any given job, including any field input on what happened to prompt the action.

Stay on top of your contracts

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