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InEight Change

InEight Change Overview

Category - Capital and Contract Management

InEight® Change provides every stakeholder with a continuous view into overall project progress or the status of any individual issue to facilitate communication in time to avoid or accommodate potential change orders in construction contracts. InEight Change manages impacts on budget and profit and assures the correct actions are taken to comply with every approved change.

When used with InEight Contract, you have full access to contract data to incorporate change into subcontractor scope or tie issues to subcontractor performance.

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Field Engineer at a Contractor

I need a central place to log issues immediately when I come across them, and easily assign them to contributors. It needs to be mobile and easy to follow up on.

Construction Manager Representing an Owner

We need early visibility to all the issues that could affect the budget or schedule of the project, and it’s critical that we’re able to trace those through to potential or actual change orders.

Project Manager at a Contractor

My job is to create predictable outcomes on projects. I can’t do that unless I have total visibility to all the issues and potential changes on the project.

Construction Manager Representing an Owner

We need an effective way to communicate and coordinate with our projects, using a consistent approach for both our own project staff and our contractor partners.

Project Manager at a Contractor

Our change management system needs to be able to accommodate the client’s requirements for each project. I don’t want to lose the opportunity to recover my costs because I missed a notification window.

Project Manager at a Contractor

Managing changes can be extremely time consuming, pulling numerous people away from the work itself. All the relevant information about an issue, such as photos, quotes, and e-mails, should be right at my fingertips so I can instantly create a defensible change order.

Consistency in contract change processes

Manage change consistently to build confidence across an entire project portfolio.

With InEight Change, you have a consistent way to track issues and manage change across your entire portfolio. You can increase project certainty by knowing where issues exist and how they are being managed.

Visibility into progress and issues

Get a clear view into the impact and progress of each issue to ensure it’s being managed to completion.

For any issue, InEight Change allows stakeholders to see at any time its status, pricing, responsible party, schedule impact, work areas and much more.

Reports to decide on and track changes

Be prepared at all times for owner and client meetings.

On-demand reporting from InEight Change puts key information and documentation at the fingertips of every stakeholder. You can save and share custom views to focus on topics like project bottlenecks, high-value concerns or external delays.

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