| 2021 | First Edition


The first Global Capital Projects Outlook from InEight, focuses on optimism and digitization. We have honed in on these topics because we believe they represent the two most important themes in the short- and long-term development of our industry.



In the short term, economies around the world are still only just finding their feet after the worst pandemic in living memory. That has real consequences for the construction sector, and we felt it important to take the pulse of our industry as we come out on the other side of COVID-19. On that front, I’m pleased to report that ours is a sector in good health and with a great deal of enthusiasm for what comes next as economic recoveries build momentum. In the longer term, there have been far too many outside commentators quick to accuse our industry of being slow to reap the benefits of digital transformation. Those of us inside this industry, including you the reader, have always seen these takes as the uninformed opinions they are: tone deaf to the complexities and realities of the work we do. We knew that these opinions were wrong, but we wanted the data to prove it.



The survey included 25 questions designed to gauge general confidence and optimism levels across the industry (especially important during the pandemic), and assess track record, plans and attitudes towards digital transformation. Of the 300 respondents, 100 each are drawn from our focus regions of the Americas, Europe and APAC, giving each equal weighting in the report. Globally, 64% of respondents are project owners and 36% are contractors.



The global construction industry is optimistic, transitioning and digitizing — and it’s doing so rapidly. Dig deeper into the Global Capital Projects Outlook, 2021


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