HD 16 Overview

Introducing HD Version 16

Simplify Your Estimates with our Enhanced Billing Rate Feature in HD Version 16

We’re excited to introduce to you our significant update to the HD Suite: HD version 16. The newest feature in HDv16 is the enhanced billing rate functionality, which will dramatically simplify the process of creating estimates for cost-plus projects.

We have combined powerful capabilities into HDv16 to help you gain better visibility into your estimates:

Highlighted features include:

  • Subtotal Calculator – Subtotal calculator enables users to provide a quantity to select cost items to see cost and man-hour per unit rates
  • Increased Visibility – Better visibility into the changes that make a cost item or resource employment different from the library data
  • Job-Level Quantities – A job-level quantity, unit of measure and cost per unit
  • Alternate Scenario Descriptions – Easier to identify alternate scenarios with descriptions
  • Customizeable Labels – Customizable over sheet field labels
  • Filter Managements – Better management of customer filters
  • Job Tracking Tags – Additional job tracking tags and user-defined fields
  • Adjustable Columns – Adjustable column caption heights

Read the HD 16 press release