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With offshore wind farm construction, project challenges are a given. Project success is not.

For large, complex and multi-discipline projects that take years to complete, it is imperative that you reduce risk and optimize cost, schedule and safety.

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Throughout all phases of your project — from design to construction to commissioning — InEight’s project management platform can help you:

  • Create accurate, early-stage estimates and schedules to facility the capital planning process.
  • Account for cost and schedule risks in real time and analyze the impact.
  • Execute projects through streamlined construction planning, resulting in greater predictability.
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into the execution and progress of the work, managing a variety of stakeholders.

In the most challenging build environments, when transparency is critical to success, only InEight can provide a project management system that creates meaningful insights across your project’s life, providing real-time visibility into scope, cost and schedule — so you can realize better outcomes.

Our software is deployed on major renewable projects globally — including on the largest wind farm project in the world.