Capital & Contract Management

Manage contract workflows from start to finish, from contractor/supplier selection through contract closeout including the related buyouts, pay requests and change orders. With our capital and contract management solutions, you can facilitate contracts and changes throughout the project, resulting in a 20% reduction in turnaround time.

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Connected Analytics

Make real-time decisions as you gain visibility into metrics, KPIs and trends, driving continuity in operations.

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Document Management

Our document management solution helps you streamline the capture, review, management and distribution of project documents. Because all your project documentation is stored in a centralized repository, you can reduce processing time by 30%.

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Estimating & Project Cost Management

Our project cost management solutions help you create more accurate and timely project estimates, increase your forecasting accuracy, and improve the anticipated project ROI.

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Field Execution Management

Manage work packages and daily crew plans to deliver and capture predictable results in the field, reducing project costs 10%.

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Integrated Project Controls Platform

Only InEight provides a complete portfolio of capital project management software that supports enterprise-wide digital transformation.

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Safety, Quality & Commissioning

Capture and analyze safety, compliance and quality data directly from the field, reducing rework by 10%.

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Virtual Design & Construction

Use an aggregated 3D model as a common data environment, increasing clash resolution efficiency by more than 200%

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Global Capital Projects Outlook, 2021: Optimism and Digitization

Top Trends of the Global Construction Sector

Download this annual outlook report presented by InEight and discover why the construction industry is emerging from the global pandemic with an aura of confidence as it continues to digitally transform. Learn what is behind this optimism, but also the challenges the sector is anticipating worldwide.

Capital Projects Outlook 2021


Explore the top global construction trends on digitization by filling out the form below.

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Much of the industry is sitting on the precipice of digital transformation so it is especially encouraging to see the extent to which project certainty has improved over the last three years and the confidence that respondents have in this trend continuing.

-Jake Macholtz, CEO, InEight


InEight annually surveys 300 large enterprise capital project and construction professionals in the Americas, APAC and Europe to gauge general confidence and optimism levels across the industry. This survey was designed and conducted in conjunction with a specialized global enterprise technology research partner. Results were then analyzed and submitted to InEight experts for commentary based on their experience and vantage points in the industry.


InEight surveyed 300 of the world’s largest capital project owner and contractor construction professionals in the Americas, APAC and EMEA. We got their responses to 25 questions to gauge overall confidence and optimism levels across the industry. Sixty-four percent of the respondents are project owners, while 36% are contractors.


The overwhelming majority of owners and contractors surveyed during the height of COVID-19 were optimistic about their organization’s growth prospects for the next 12 months.


Innovation is spreading throughout the industry, and with new digital tools for estimating costs and assessing risk being put to work on jobsites, confidence in project certainty is expected to skyrocket.


While the industry has lagged behind others when it comes to digitally transforming, our survey indicates organizations are more widely adopting technology. But note that owners and contractors don’t always agree on what types of digital tools are most valuable.


Respondents agree on the importance of collecting project data, but are owners and contractors extracting the right data and leveraging it properly for better project outcomes?


The survey takes a deep dive into the three regions and dissects their levels of optimism and digital transformation. As you will see, one region stands out among the rest when it comes to adopting new technology for delivering better outcomes.