3 Reasons Why Construction Companies Resist Change

We are all creatures of habit; we appreciate the familiar and avoid change.  In the construction industry, tight margins and the need to simply get things done can reinforce our innate instincts.

The issue for construction companies is that it’s often not just one individual that needs to change.  Instead, the entire organization may have to change to achieve goals. The result is that you may have to restructure key processes across roles, something that can be quite frightening.

While the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”, history has shown that when companies resist change too greatly and for too long, technology and the outside world can advance so quickly that they will start having a difficult time.  They then may be forced to spend large amounts of money simply trying to catch up.

Reasons construction companies may be slow to change include:

  • Rigid Company Structure

Some organizations have such a strong culture that new changes can create immediate imbalance. Over time, any company structure can become rigid without some variance. Did you ever hear someone say, “Well, we have always done it that way?” This attitude can create tunnel vision across departments, which might make change more difficult.

  • Costs of Change

A sunk cost, a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered, is one of the main reasons companies resist change. If financial resources have already been invested in a specific direction, reluctance to change course will be likely.

  • Short-term Focus

The desire to sustain the status quo is common, but this is not always for the good. If you let them, short-term, immediate benefits will guide efforts, leading to indifference or even outright dismissal when a better long-term solution becomes available.

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