Three Age-Old Project Execution Challenges

Here at InEight, we often hear, ‘What’s going on in the field isn’t matching the plan!’ Crews are not doing the most critical tasks and problems are reported to managers long after they actually happen. Slow and inaccurate paper processes get in the way and can lead to project delays, cost overruns, inefficiencies and surprises for the management team.

In a recent webinar, “€œLeveraging Construction Technology on the Jobsite“, we discussed three of the age-old project execution challenges:

  • Communication gaps between the office and the field
  • Disorganized daily planning
  • Slow and error-prone capture of work progress and timesheet data

During the webinar, we polled the construction-industry attendees and learned that their single-most common challenge is around the communication gaps between office and field.

In a competitive market, it is imperative for construction companies to innovate. Mobile technology is becoming increasingly essential in construction. However, even as consumer electronics advance, construction professionals still struggle to leverage technology to overcome age-old project challenges. For example, we conducted a second poll during the webinar to learn whether viewers were currently using mobile applications in their company. An astounding 55% responded ‘No.’

We have since found that our webinar attendees were not alone. According to 2015’s ‘The 4th Annual Construction Technology Report‘ by JB Knowledge, of more than two thousand construction industry respondents, 77% claim mobility capabilities are important for their software solutions, up from 59% in 2012. However, less than half of those respondents actually reported using software in their role, even though mobile applications were available.

Why is there such a gap between today’s innovative consumer technology and the tools found at many jobsites?

If you would like to know the answer to this question and learn how InEight can help, please watch our free on-demand webinar: Leveraging Construction Technology on the Jobsite. In this webinar, we use real-world examples to show how modern integrated mobility solutions can help you solve common construction jobsite problems.

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