Kiewit Technology Inc. announces company name change to InEight Inc.

Company continues to provide cutting-edge technology to project-centric industries

Scottsdale, Ariz., May 22, 2014

Kiewit Technology Inc. (KTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kiewit Corporation, and a leading provider of technology solutions for the construction and engineering industry, today announced that the company will be operating as InEight Inc., (InEight) effective immediately. InEight’s operations include the recent acquisition et alia’s SAP Channel Partner operations and intellectual property, and InEight’s subsidiaries Hard Dollar Corporation and Aeka Consulting Private Limited.

“InEight is more than a new name for our business – it is a definitive step in where this company is headed for our customers, employees and partners,” said InEight CEO, Bill Ponseti. “InEight’s goal is to remove uncertainty, guesswork and outdated systems from the construction process to deliver project oversight through cutting-edge technology to customers. We want to put every piece of information right there in the customers’ hands and make day-to-day operational data more intuitive by dramatically shifting how technology is used in this industry.”

Launched in 2013, InEight was established as a result of Kiewit Corporation’s significant investment in new technologies and development work with strategic technology partners in much more efficient, robust systems to improve how information is created, shared and used in all areas of construction operations. InEight will continue to serve the construction and engineering, oil and gas, and other project-centric industries by offering tools to give complete project oversight from the back and front offices, to the field office, and help give clients, EPCs and contractors the ability to build with even greater confidence.

“The comprehensive technology systems we’re bringing together for the industries we serve are going to change the way construction organizations operate,” said Ponseti. “The results we’re seeing at InEight through the wide array of new and established technologies we’re offering is beyond exciting.”

About InEight

InEight is a leading provider of technology solutions for the construction and engineering industry, offering a full suite of responsive, eight-dimensional, real-time data visualization intelligent tools that help connect all facets of construction and engineering operations. InEight, through its et alia SAP business acquisition, is a premier SAP Channel Partner dedicated to developing, selling, implementing, and supporting innovative construction technologies. InEight’s subsidiaries include Hard Dollar Corporation, a leader in project cost management and estimating solutions, and Aeka Consulting Private Limited, a provider of innovative construction and engineering mobility solutions.

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