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From bridges, highways, rails and airports, to water treatment, the infrastructure industry touches everyday life. The cost of business, however, is increasing and margins are slim. The bidding process is highly competitive and only the innovative and most confident will survive. It’s not good enough to continue to expect losses on projects when errors are avoidable. Bidding and building carry incredible risk. InEight improves estimation accuracy so you can win more bids and prevent unwelcome surprises within the project’s scope. InEight standardizes the construction process across the project life cycle and consolidates crucial data, distilling it to be easily understood by anyone with a smart device in-hand. Because InEight links all project teams, your visibility will grow alongside your confidence.

Project Information Modeling

As the number of models and drawings increase, it becomes imperative that stakeholders maintain clear communication and can consolidate key data across project disciplines. Using a model-driven approach through InEight® Design and InEight® Model Manager, project data is linked to business data within a project information model, enabling previously undiscovered, significant efficiencies and opportunities throughout the project

  • Effectively aggregate and better manage design data

  • Improve communication across disciplines by enriching a single data model with relevant project data

  • Operationalize model-driven intelligence through powerful querying, analysis and reporting

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InEight Design
Manage scope of work for projects through a model-driven approach. This includes design scope management, design quantity management and design process tracking.
InEight Model Manager
Link business data into a project information model that combines every object that needs to be manufactured, installed, constructed or maintained. Project data aggregation at this depth enables new levels of project and process intelligence.
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Project Cost Management

InEight sets the standard for accuracy, performance and multi-user collaboration throughout the estimating process with InEight® Estimate and InEight® Control. This project cost management functionality combines estimating, benchmarking, budgeting, forecasting and performance so you can say goodbye to project surprises.

  • Confidently create top-down conceptual estimates or detailed construction estimates

  • View and manage original and current budgets, as well as forecasts and estimates

  • Centralize progress management by leveraging budget activities or needed calculations

  • Effectively track and manage all budget and contract changes

  • Select the best forecast method needed for each item, based on progress and other criteria

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InEight Estimate
Sets the standard for accuracy, performance and multiuser collaboration throughout the estimating process. It includes industry-leading estimating, cost-modeling and benchmarking functionality, providing you with accuracy, integration and complete project visibility.
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InEight Control
Simplifies the laborious tasks of managing budget versions by line item, tracking work progress and budget changes, and calculating earned values, enabling you to measure, accomplish and succeed.
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Field Execution and Management

InEight® Progress, InEight® Plan and InEight® Inspect allow you to clearly communicate work and project scope, deliver daily work plans and ensure operational efficiency and compliance are expectations of field execution, workflow and management functionality.

  • Clear understanding of the work to be performed, instilling a disciplined and effective approach to work planning

  • Receive or create daily work plans, communicate those plans to crews and capture results at the end of the shift

  • Ensure operational efficiency and compliance by streamlining your field inspection process for equipment, safety, quality and more

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InEight Progress

Designed to help foremen and superintendents receive (or create) daily work plans, communicate those plans to their crews and capture results at the end of the shift.

InEight Plan

Instills a disciplined and effective approach to work planning, enabling crystal clear communication of the work to be performed.

InEight Inspect

Ensures operational efficiency and compliance by streamlining field-level inspections and other workflow-driven processes.

Project Administration

InEight® Contract and InEight® Procure keep projects moving forward by understanding and managing unique and detailed project variables. Together, they have four key areas of focus:

  • Summarized and detailed data on the performance of a vendor agreement

  • Manage the ability to pay vendor agreements with line item details, change orders and back charges

  • Ability to track and record vendor agreement closeout including retainage release

  • Enabling procurement processes from advanced project management tools

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InEight Contract
Simplifies the workflow required to bid, create and manage contracts through the duration of the project.
InEight Procure
Enhances projects by connecting to procurement and purchasing in real-time, both to initiate the process and to track what has been bought.

Actionable Insights

KPI-driven analytics across your project portfolio provide the actionable insights needed to gain true certainty. InEight® Report provides visibility into project performance, enabling you to make better decisions, faster.

  • Offers industry-leading reports and dashboards

  • Manages risk by providing visibility into estimated, budgeted and earned revenue, as well as key metrics across the project portfolio

  • Increases productivity by monitoring and investigating resource productivity and utilization of assets involved in projects

  • Improves performance by tracking project progress on a cost and schedule basis while measuring earned value and progress in terms of percent complete

  • Enables strategic and operational insight by providing current and consistent reporting and business intelligence across the project life cycle

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InEight Report
Provides the visibility needed to understand project performance and avoid project surprises. Managers can quickly gather data from active projects and generate the KPI-driven reports and dashboards needed to identify issues and make more informed decisions.

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