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  1. Optimize Your BIM Models with Project Data using InfinyD [VIDEO]

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    Complex construction projects rely on input from a variety of stakeholders with a wide range of design tools. When these platforms are disconnected and incompatible, design errors may remain hidden until late in the project cycle. These missed problems become exponentially expensive to fix during project execution, adding significant risk to the budget and schedule.

    InEight InfinyD was developed to solve gaps in the industry that have occurred as a result of the competition in the design authoring application space. InfinyD consolidates proprietary BIM models into an open, IFC-based system. Across the project lifecycle, the InfinyD model can be enriched with data from cost, schedule, and other project systems, while key processes, such as procurement, are optimized for time and cost savings. With InfinyD, the entire construction team can visualize successful project outcomes.

    InfinyD can save thousands of hours currently wasted on file conversions, format translations, and manual inputs.


    Watch this video to learn more about how InfinyD is changing the landscape of how INEIGHT is simplifying data for project driven companies.



    Learn More about the InfinyD Solution: Download Product Data Sheet