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Surprises can derail a construction project in an instant. InEight offers a complete, integrated and scalable solution that combines the functionality, technology and flexibility project-driven companies demand. You can accurately manage people, material, projects and performance, ultimately enhancing your operations, improving efficiency and increasing your bottom line.

CREW is an SAP Business All-in-One solution for project-driven companies. CREW helps companies better manage projects, people and performance to improve profitability across the enterprise. Throughout project execution, CREW provides the visibility into the true cost of projects that managers need to avoid surprises.

Built on the SAP business suite, optimized with industry best practices, and empowered with SAP NetWeaver technology, CREW is a unified system that helps companies improve key functions such as project procurement, subcontract management, project forecasting and change management, as well as union payroll management and processing. CREW is a world-class solution for general contractors, specialty contractors, engineering, procurement and construction, and building owners.

Optimize Existing SAP Solutions
CREW incorporates a broad range of industry capabilities within a complete solution, optimizing organizational efficiency and project profitability. However, some CREW components can be delivered to companies already using the SAP business suite. These components include the Union Payroll Rate Workbench and Subcontractor Management. Built on core SAP functionality and EC&O best practices, CREW adds unique functionality to better address the requirements of project-driven companies. CREW customers also benefit from access to InEight senior consultants, industry expertise and customization support.
Adapt to Changing Business Needs
Because CREW is built on a business process platform, it can easily integrate with third-party applications as new requirements arise. CREW also helps with compliance with IFRS and DCAA regulations through documentation and reporting support.
Quick User Adoption
CREW is designed for maximum productivity. A simplified user interface with contextual help facilitates rapid adoption and improves job performance. Role-based navigation means users only see relevant information, reports and work lists. Enhanced reporting and printing capabilities are based on the latest SAP technology.

Rapid Deployment
The InEight Accelerated Implementation Methodology (I-AIM) is used to streamline the implementation. This methodology provides a single, consistent, prescriptive framework for efficient delivery of InEight services and projects. With this delivery approach, the focus is on project quality to ensure success. The solution can be fixed price with fixed scope. 80 percent of the solution is out-of-the box to ensure a fast and effective delivery. Plus, organizations benefit from ongoing CREW and SAP enhancements and innovation without risking business disruption of custom-built implementations.
Leverage full integration
CREW is a fully integrated system that supports core business processes, from financial and subcontract management, procurement, projects, contracts to billing and payroll with a union payroll solution. Business analytics and reporting capabilities in CREW provide full visibility into business operations and performance.
Proven features address requirements of project-driven organizations
  • Subcontractor management
  • Owner budget management
  • Joint venture accounting
  • Staff resource planning
  • Automated payroll
  • Local payroll taxes
  • Actual job cost
  • Real-time productivity analysis
  • Equipment planning
  • Material takeoffs
  • Disadvanteage/minority business
  • Procurement automation
  • Inventory tracking
  • Real-time billing and reporting
  • Contractor management
  • Bank budget management
  • Single sign-on portal

In today’s world of fast-moving projects, it is critical that each day’s work moves forward as planned. In addition, managers and superintendents require constant visibility into actual jobsite progress in order to quickly identify and resolve issues as they occur. Without this insight, key tasks may be missed and cause delays that could impact overall project performance and potential profit.

Meanwhile, at the jobsite, foremen need a quick and easy way to receive their scheduled daily tasks and record actual crew hours and quantities performed. Above all, the project team needs to compare actual hours and quantities against the estimated plan to truly understand what was accomplished versus what should have been accomplished. Without this alignment and focus, achieving planned jobsite productivity could be at risk.

The HD Field Solution delivers project execution alignment and visibility by connecting jobsite labor and equipment actuals to the InEight HD suite via a modern tablet interface. In fact, initial case studies show a savings of 10 minutes per time sheet over manual paper processes.

HD Field Mobile
Foremen use HD Field Mobile on their favorite tablet to review and modify plans assigned to them, and then record actual equipment and labor hours and quantities completed. This helps them to quickly understand what they were supposed to do today, what they actually did, and what they will be required to do tomorrow.
HD Field Manager
Superintendents and project engineers use HD Field Manager to assign crews and equipment to specific foremen for any number of tasks to be completed in the field. Once the work is executed, managers can review and approve jobsite actuals.

Win more jobs at the right price with more accurate and efficient estimating.

Easily build more accurate cost estimates, work plans and budgets for any project by leveraging a variety of estimating approaches, industry cost libraries and your company’s own benchmark data.

Establish standard processes and core estimating methodologies with role-based templates, common views, central resource rates, industry specific libraries and the reduction of spreadsheets. Build complete project confidence from start to finish with HD Estimating.

Benchmark Against Historical Performance
Leverage an innovative benchmarking option that proactively risk ranks estimates based on as-built data from similar historical projects. Streamline estimate reviews by instantly spotting variances from past jobsite performance. Historical cost libraries centralize estimates and as-built data to create more accurate templates and reduce the time spent creating new estimates. Reference historical estimates by activity, resource type, location, geography, discipline or work package.
Standardize WBS
Create standard template projects with similar work types to establish a common work breakdown structure (WBS). Apply cost and productivity factors including geography, labor rates, rental rates, wage zones, tax zones, resource production factors, equipment rates or craft types, on top of established work types, to create detailed cost estimates.
Drive Costs from Design System Quantities
Quantity estimates can be developed via connectivity with construction takeoff systems, design systems and Microsoft Excel. Integration with systems including OnCenter, PlanSwift and Autodesk Revit can bring assemblies, quantities and components directly into new estimates.

Create Estimates from Schedules
Available integration with Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project helps creation of time-based cost estimates and cash flow projections along with resource-loaded schedules. These plans provide a starting point for activities within HD Estimating including start and finish dates. Resources, roles, assemblies, costs, productivity and phases can be built in HD Estimating and passed back to the schedule to create a library of centralized data.
Maintain Current Rates
Available connectivity can keep estimates and schedules aligned with the latest date and scope updates. Live interaction with Primavera P6, MS Project or CAE Studio 5D Planner simplifies cost and resource loading the schedule, enabling accurate updates to scope and schedule in seconds.
Compare Estimates to Industry Data Libraries
HD Estimating supports a wide range of NORMS data, and includes, at no extra cost, the RS Means industry standard construction cost library with more than 200,000 items and assemblies. It also supports both Richardson CostData and CostMine and can leverage industry-specific cost and productivity data libraries.
Maintain Live Schedule and Scope Updates
Available connectivity can keep estimates and schedules aligned with the latest date and scope updates. Live interaction with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project or CAE Studio 5D Planner simplifies cost and resource loading the schedule, enabling accurate updates to scope and schedule in seconds.
Build “What if” Analyses
Calculate productivity from multiple resources including days, shifts, hours, man-hours, equipment hours, unit of measure per day, man count, equipment count and other production resources. Data-driven “what if” factors define production of cost items to automatically generate unit and total cost. With production factors in place, quantities are applied to costs against unit of measures to build total costs.
Request and Manage Quotes
Analyze multiple quotes simultaneously to select and award vendors at the activity or project level. Quote management sends quote requests to vendors by email or fax. Quote comparison reviews activities by vendor and work types can be split or combined for each vendor. Minority goal attainment analysis and participation are tracked through awarded quotes.
Automate Master Resource Rate Updates
Receive automated rates from vendor feeds to ensure current estimated rates match updated vendor rates for material, equipment and labor. Receive updates with or without affecting existing projects. Update the master resource rate library from a single project and apply new rates to new or existing projects.
Apply Attributes to Resource Rates
With a work structure and standard rate in place, HD Estimating simplifies the process of categorizing resources that include geographic areas, wage zones, account codes, cost drivers, currency, default quantities and cost curve data. Notes, flex fields and change tracking are attached to each resource item within the project.
Link Excel Workbook Calculations
HD Estimating features direct integration with Microsoft Excel for those times you need to leverage workbooks to drive takeoff quantities and receive data from outside vendors. When values are updated in an Excel workbook, HD Estimating detects the change and updates the cost model with new quantities and costs. Excel workbooks are stored in the HD Estimating database for single data and version control. Change logs identify all modifications to the estimate.

Provides the execution visibility needed to avoid project surprises.

During project execution, HD Performance integrates accounting, schedule and estimating systems with actual jobsite data to provide owners, EPCMs and contractors the performance visibility they need to take corrective actions that can keep projects on time and within budget.

With flexible percent complete calculations and automatic earned value measurement, HD Performance is the best way to control and forecast costs, revenues, man-hours, and productivity to ensure successful project completion.

Forecast Rationally
Select the best forecast method to use for each item, depending on its progress and other criteria. Enter manual forecasts with a required explanation and a full audit trail. Base forecasts on performance trends and averages to date, with the ability to apply improvement factors. Drive forecasts from bottom-up estimates developed using the full estimating toolset. Batch forecasting speeds the entire process by making it easy to apply performance factors across multiple items.
Measure Progress, Plan
Centralize progress measurement information, leveraging budget activities to calculate percent complete, budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS), earned value, actual cost of work performed (ACWP), cost variance, estimate at completion (EAC) and forecast variance values against budget values.
Calculate Quantity and Percent Complete
Track planned quantities, man-hours and equipment hours against actual quantities, man-hours and equipment hours complete. Quantities can drive percent complete calculations or percent complete can be entered directly. Scheduling integration drives percent complete, keeping progress and schedule aligned while providing total visibility.

Reconcile Project Costs with ERP Systems
Compare calculated accrued actuals from work performed with ERP accounting accruals and actuals. Reconcile project progress with ERP systems to identify missing invoices or misaligned reports from the field. Simplify project reconciliation with work performed vs. work cost status to proactively identify project cost and productivity discrepancies.
Resolve Planned Quantities
View planned vs. actual quantities to compare and reconcile accounting quantities reported. Calculate planned vs. actual progress at the activity or project level. Determine estimated quantities based on costs incurred.
Report Earned Value
Quantities, materials, man-hours, equipment hours and percent complete calculate estimated actual costs. Earned value results from work performed from duration of effort, producing an estimated earn cost to compare to actuals.
Maintain Live Schedule and Scope Updates
Available connectivity can keep estimates and schedules aligned with the latest date and scope updates. Live interaction with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project or CAE Studio 5D Planner simplifies cost and resource loading the schedule, enabling accurate updates to scope and schedule in seconds.
Plan Daily Work
Once the WBS and budget have been established within HD Performance, superintendents and project engineers can leverage the HD Field solution to assign foremen, employees and equipment to specific tasks for execution in the field. As daily work progresses, actual hours and quantities from the jobsite can be reviewed by managers to help them understand actual performance against plan.
Collect Timesheets
Leverage field data collection to receive man-hours, equipment hours, progress quantities, actual costs and notes. Timesheets can be collected via popular tablets with the HD Field solution or from outside systems including ERP, Excel or other timekeeping systems that connect via the HD API. On top of quantitative data, timesheets can record notes for each activity. Collected timesheets can flow directly into payroll systems for processing.
Track Commitments
The commitments feature tracks the amount of the current budget that has been committed for expenditure to a particular company. This committed amount can be tracked separately from the budgeted amount. It enables an owner to answer these important questions:
  • What is the total value of our commitments to date on this project? As the owner, how much would we be on the hook for if we were to cancel the project today?
  • How does the committed amount for a specific scope of work compare to what we had budgeted for that work? If we committed less than we had budgeted, that money can possibly be spent elsewhere.
  • How do the as-built costs for a particular contractor compare to the amount we committed to them? Are they billing us more than we committed to them?
Approve, Manage Time
Manage and approve collected time by job code, foreman, status, period, and other variables. Time can be approved and selectively published to update progress activities. Collected time can be calculated against the budget plan to calculate productivity, providing immediate insight into production and forecast completion. Approved timesheets can flow directly into payroll systems for processing.

Complex construction projects rely on input from a variety of stakeholders with a wide range of design tools. When these platforms are disconnected and incompatible, design errors may remain hidden until late in the project cycle. These missed problems become exponentially expensive to fix during project execution, adding significant risk to the budget and schedule.

InEight InfinyD was developed to solve gaps in the industry that have occurred as a result of the competition in the design authoring application space. InfinyD consolidates proprietary BIM models into an open, IFC-based system. Across the project lifecycle, the InfinyD model can be enriched with data from cost, schedule, and other project systems, while key processes, such as procurement, are optimized for time and cost savings. With InfinyD, the entire construction team can visualize successful project outcomes.

InfinyD can save thousands of hours currently wasted on file conversions, format translations, and manual inputs.

Explore Models
Our 4D Visual Scheduling viewer provides simple controls that enable end users to explore the model’s critical path, three-week look ahead and other features that help answer the most common requests from schedulers, project team members, leads and project managers.
Identify problems
Seeing projects as data-rich 3D objects, where data remains constant, coordinated and accurate, helps highlight unusual conditions that could go unnoticed in traditional 2D plans.
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) Support
Facilitate the sharing of project data between stakeholders on construction and facility management projects by leveraging this open, industry-standard format.

Design Tool Support
Maintain your existing tools: InfinyD is compatible with leading design tools from companies such as Autodesk, AVEVA, Bentley, and Intergraph.
Leverage Design Models
Utilize the value of design data throughout the full construction cycle.

InEight Reporting provides the visibility and insight managers need to understand project performance and avoid surprises. With InEight Reporting, managers can quickly gather data from multiple project-based systems to generate the reports and dashboards they need to identify issues earlier and make more informed decisions.

Each dashboard provides key performance metrics relevant across the project lifecycle. An open architecture and available integration services enable connectivity with almost any project-based system, including accounting, ERP, scheduling and cost management applications. At the same time, robust design tools support the enhancement of existing reports and the creation of new reports and dashboards to meet specific business requirements.

Manage Risk
Reporting not only provides complete visibility into project revenue, costs, profitability and cash, but also aggregates data across projects to show profitability and liquidity across the project portfolio. The ability to analyze financial data across lines of work and geography can highlight performance issues and provide strategic insights for investing and growth. It also provides both current and historical performance trends.
Increase Productivity
Monitor and investigate resource productivity and utilization of assets involved in projects. Analyzing productivity trends by type of work and at the activity level helps highlight variances and facilitate corrective actions.
Improve Performance
Track project performance on a cost and schedule basis while measuring earned value and project progress in terms of percent complete. Analyze schedule and cost variances by viewing change orders and assessing quality of work for a project. Reporting helps identify at-risk projects and determine their potential impact on profitability. Indicators depicting purchase and buyout performance and backlog reduction will help with future planning.

Gain More Visibility
The web-based portal interface enables easy access wherever and whenever it is needed. Project managers have access to all current project performance KPIs on the jobsite, while managers and executives in the front office have the real-time performance information they need to quickly make informed decisions.

Lack of project operations visibility can delay decisions and lead to misinformed choices, creating schedule and budget risk. When project teams use disconnected systems, management doesn’t have access to the insight needed to make timely decisions.

The InEight workface solution, Operations Management, centralizes workface planning and tracking across projects. It provides a detailed takeoff-level quantity book organized by phase or area with web-based performance reporting. Empower your organization with complete visibility of project operations so that you can respond to issues immediately and reduce the risk of delays and budget overruns.

Define workplans
Operations Management works with SharePoint project document control to help define and manage work packages, including scope of work, budget, drawings and specifications, required material and installation items, safety, QA/QC and constraints.
Access Information
The browser-based project dashboard provides stakeholders with summary data about items such as material readiness, installation progress and quantity claiming. Exception reporting highlights data variances from the norm and provides drilldown capability.
Standardize schemes
Utilize standardized claiming schemes for tracking installation of components and consistent reporting of progress.

Manage Materials
Manage parts and pieces, whether materials are project-purchased or provided by owners, customers or other stakeholders. Assign materials to work plans and work packages and issue material from the SAP business suite to those plans and packages.
Manage Components
Import components and track distinct items in projects, including pipe, steel, earthwork, cable, conduit, instrumentation, concrete and paving. Easily compare budgeted quantities versus actual quantities.
Manage Quantities
Claim quantities and track component installations to create quantity curves which can be reconciled with other solutions.
Manage Welds
Ensure that quality standards are met via functions for the weld data card, special process plan and compliance transactional reports.
Synchronize Data
Operations Management is synchronized with the SAP business suite to provide all stakeholders with an aligned source of truth about project status.
Solve Industry Problems

Operations Management solves capital construction problems:

  • Misalignment
  • Lack of visibility
  • Performance Measurement
  • Consistent Improvement
  • Limited Management Attention
  • Slow to identify problems
  • Inefficiencies and errors

Industry leaders that trust InEight to help them build better.

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