Bring Order to Disorganized Bidding Processes [Blog]

Back in the days before smartphones and email, contact information was stored in many different places: an address book, a roller desk, post-it notes, old mail… Remember back then? You had to search all over just to find someone’s contact information. And then, keeping everything up-to-date was another problem altogether.

The challenge of disorganized bidding on construction jobs is similar to the old problem with contacts: When job estimates are created by multiple people using different programs, gathering the data necessary to prepare accurate bids can be slow and time-consuming. Without systematic processes, creating bids can be tedious work. Instead, managers need a trusted way to ensure nothing is missed and all key information is available so they can quickly create the best estimate possible.

We recommend solving disorganized bidding in four ways:
1) Deploy a unified estimating platform – A unified estimating platform allows multiple estimators to collaborate on the bidding process. This increases efficiency and consistency. Faster estimating leads to more bids and, ultimately, more work.

2) Leverage Benchmarking – Capturing and leveraging best practices and benchmarking against similar jobs allows you to confidently create more accurate bids.

3) Standardize cost account code structure down to a third level of detail – Common account code structure enables consistent reporting.

4) Utilize common reports and management dashboards – Ensure all stakeholders are (literally) on the same page by creating and deploying standard reports and dashboards.

Don’t be stuck with disorganized bidding – By addressing this challenge, you can quickly and easily create more accurate bids, which can, ultimately, help your company be more successful.


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